Edge Sculpture Orangutan

New Delivery of Edge Sculpture Baby  Orangutans and Gorillas

These beautiful Edge Sculpture Baby Orangutans and Gorillas are from our latest delivery of Edge Sculptures.  The adult and babies look great grouped together in a display as shown here. If you prefer to collect the smaller Edge Sculptures, then the baby Gorilla and Orangutan look so very cute displayed together.

We stock the full range of Edge Sculptures at our Mansfield showroom and they are all available to buy from our website. These unique figures are designed by the talented sculptor Matt Buckley at his studios in Shropshire. They are a striking collection of contemporary sculptures with figures from the wild animal kingdom, domestic pets, mythological creatures, birds and sea life creatures. The collection is so very varied in type, form and subject that there is sure to be a figure for everyone’s tastes.

Edge Sculpture Orangutans and Gorillas are part of a large range of sculptures –  to see the full range click here.

Edge Sculpture Orangutans and Gorillas

The Gorilla

Gorillas are the largest living primates and are some of the most powerful and striking animals, not only for their size and strength but also for their gentle human-like behaviour. They live groups led by a dominant male, known as a Silverback. A silverback gorilla’s strength is certainly incredible, an adult gorilla can tear down banana trees without trying too hard. They have a bite force of around 1300 psi which is double that of a lion, however, they tend to be gentle giants and rarely display their full strength.

The babies are called infants just like humans and are tactile with their young and have even been observed to use a type of ‘baby talk’ to communicate with their babies.

The Edge Sculpture adult Gorilla and the Baby Gorilla show the characteristics of these splendid animals to perfection with the strength and majesty of the adult and the cheeky playfulness of the babies. They are a perfect gift for wildlife lovers and make a stunning addition to any sculpture collection.

The Orangutan

Orangutans are the largest tree-dwelling animals on Earth. They climb up to the canopy to feed, eating ripe fruit, young leaves and the occasional termite or vine. Orangutans are semi-solitary in the wild (unlike other higher primates). Once they reach maturity, they spend most of their time alone, or, in the case of females, with their immature offspring. Adult males old enough to have cheek pads are the most solitary, spending over 90 per cent of their time alone.

A baby orangutan will be carried around by its mother for the first five years and until another baby orangutan is born, mothers sleep in a nest with their offspring every night. For the first eight years of a young orangutans life, its mother is its constant companion and protector.

The Edge Sculpture Orangutans are a beautiful representation of these amazing primates and are a perfect addition to any wildlife collection.

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