A collection of baby wild animals sculpture

The Born to be Wild Edge Sculpture range includes many young wild animals and woodland creatures. They are currently one of the most popular collections from the Edge Sculpture Range.

Each of the perfectly formed baby creatures tends to be smaller than many of the Edge range and are therefore easier to find a home for say on a small shelf, windowsill or even a mantlepiece. They also make great gifts for someone special as they tend to be under £150 and so are affordable gifts.

Baby Oh! Orangutan

These charming creatures look great on a shelf in pride of place by themselves or if space allows, look wonderful grouped together.

The collection includes three different baby Orangutans, an Elephant Calf, a Gorilla baby, a Brown Bear cub, the cutest Panda Cub, a Chimp, two different Tiger Cubs and finally the sweet little Hedgehog sculpture.

Edge Sculptures are made in the UK in Shropshire by master sculptor, Matt Buckley. Each piece is carefully designed by Matt and then hand-finished by a team of talented artists. To learn more about how Edge sculptures are made, see the information at the bottom of this article.

To see all Born to Be Wild creatures, just click here, or read on to see each piece individually. You can link directly to any sculpture in the range from this page.

Baby Orangutan Alba

Alba the baby Orangutan is based upon a rare living creature. Alba the Orangutan has a unique appearance due to a rare genetic defect giving her pale fur and bright blue eyes. She was rescued from a life of living in a cage as a pet by the BOS Foundation in 2017. Following two years of rehabilitation, she was released back into the wild into a national park in the rainforests of Indonesia. A year later she was spotted thriving and interacting with other released orangutans, so a lovely happy story for this rare ape.

This sculpture is an interpretation of Alba as a baby with its pale fur and blue eyes and is a valued piece of the Born to be Wild collection of Edge Sculptures.

Baby Gorilla Snowflake

Like Alba the Orangutan, Snowflake the Gorilla is also based upon a real creature who is the only albino gorilla to ever be discovered. Unlike Alba, Snowflake spent his remaining years in Barcelona Zoo where he was used in breeding programs, but sadly no further albino gorilla was ever bred from Snowflakes bloodline.

Snowflake is a beautiful sculpture and makes an ideal addition to any collection of wildlife sculptures.

Baby Chimpanzee “Hear no Evil”

Hear no Evil is a cheeky little chap who perfectly captures the playful baby chimp you will be familiar with. Chimps are born with the ability to cling onto their mothers and their grip is surprisingly strong which enables them to hold safely onto their mothers whilst they travel through the tree canopy. This sculpture has been cast seated just as they would be seen resting in the trees where they spend most of their lives.

Panda Cub Figure

The iconic black and white panda is one of the most recognised creatures in the world due to its image being used as the symbol of the World Wildlife Fund. Pandas lead a mainly solitary life and spend most of their days feeding.

This charming Panda sculpture will make a taking pint in any collection of sculptures or will look equally good sat upon a display by itself.

Hedgehog Sculpture

Our cute little hedgehog baby is probably the odd one out in this collection as it’s a British woodland creature and not an exotic jungle dweller. It is, however, a favourite of ours and is very popular with our customers.  From the position it is sculpted in, you can see its little feet and the animated expression on its face. Although small, you could say this character is larger than life.

Tiger Cub Siberian

This rare white Siberian Tiger Cub with its piercing blue eyes is a subspecies of the Siberian Tiger and Bengal Tiger. White tigers are generally bred by zoos and sanctuaries by breeding two tigers with a recessive coat colour gene.

This cute little cub is a statement piece on its own or looks great paired with the Tiger Cub below.

Tiger Cub

This cute tiger cub is sculptured looking like he’s ready to pounce and play. Tiger cubs generally stay with their mothers for two years learning through play to fend for themselves. Once mature, tigers tend to be solitary creatures with a large territory.

Due to great works of conservation projects, the tiger population is slowly starting to tick upwards. This sculpture is an ideal way to increase your tiger collection, try pairing it with the white tiger cub to make a bold display.

Baby Oh! Orangutan

Orangutans are the largest tree-dwelling animals on Earth. They climb up to the canopy to feed, eating ripe fruit, young leaves and the occasional termite or vine. A baby orangutan will be carried around by its mother for the first five years and until another baby orangutan is born, mothers sleep in a nest with their offspring every night. For the first eight years of a young orangutan’s life, its mother is its constant companion and protector.

This orangutan baby is sculpted looking quizzical and in full play mode!

 Baby Orangutan

This baby orangutan is sculpted relaxing and looking thoughtful. The name orangutan means “man of the forest”.

This orangutan will make a delightful display with the Baby Oh! Sculpture.

Bear Cub

The Bear Cub Figure has been designed to be an accurate representation of a brown bear cub perfectly capturing its life, energy and charisma. The bear cub is renowned for its playful nature, usually with its sibling, (bears usually have two cubs). Scientists have suggested that the bear cubs play may be for several reasons, the main ones being to burn off energy and increase fitness, to learn about their surroundings, to practise fighting and hunting and to release endorphins and other “feel good” chemicals. As yet, there is no consensus amongst experts as to why young bear cubs risk injury and burn their energy in carefree activities simply to have “fun.”  But fun they do have and this bear cub figure captures that fun side of the animal perfectly.

Gorilla Baby

When fully grown, gorillas are the gentle giants of the ape world and display many human-like characteristics such as laughter and sadness. The baby gorilla stays with its mother for at least 3 years and even the dominant male of the group is usually gentle and patient with the young. The Edge baby Gorilla will make an impactful display with other baby apes in the collection of the adult gorilla in the collection.

Elephant Calf

An elephant calf is looked after by its mother and other female elephants in the herd s about three feet tall at birth.  This joyous little creature perfectly represents this wonderful wild animal and will make a great addition to any collector of wildlife art.


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