Edge Sculptures – Limited Edition Bulldog Bust

A new range of Edge Sculptures – a limited edition Bulldog Bust, perfect for dog lovers, especially fans of the British Bulldog. Matt Buckley and his team have designed seven different colours of the Bulldog Bust with just 50 of each colour available.  Each has a colour and a name that is typically associated with something iconically British, just like the Bulldog. There is Earl Grey, Tommy K, Bowling Green, Brown Sauce, Pink Gin and Bobby Blue.

Each of these Edge Sculpture Bulldog Busts will look great as a statement piece on its own or if space allows, will make a fantastic display with two or three grouped together. They also make wonderful gifts for fans of the Bulldog.

This impressive sculpture is 290mm wide, 280mm deep and 320mm high and will be a perfect addition to the sculpture collection of any Bulldog lover. These Bulldog Busts are priced at £250 each.

This is a limited edition run and there are just 50 of each colour. These Bulldog Busts could become a real collector’s item much sought after. 

About the Bulldog

The Bulldog, also known as the British Bulldog has long been a symbol of power, strength and dependability. The Bulldog is a muscular hefty breed with a short-muzzled distinctive head and a heavily wrinkled face. This breed makes a faithful pet as they have a sweet and gentle disposition and just love being around people. These Bulldog Bust sculptures in traditional colours, perfectly capture the essence of this much-loved dog.

Edge Sculptures are handmade in the UK designed by master sculptor Matt Buckley and individually finished with the help of his team of talented artists

Our range of Edge Sculptures is a perfect example of contemporary sculpture that will become the collectables of the future.

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