Edge Sculptures – Woodland Creatures

Why not bring a little nature into your home with one of our Edge Sculptures Woodland Creatures. Edge Sculptures are created by master sculptor, Matt Buckley.

As Spring is now upon us, many peoples thoughts turn to the outdoors and walking to enjoy nature and maybe see some native wildlife along the way.

Our edge Sculpture woodland creatures range includes all the native creatures you may see in your garden or on a walk if you are very lucky such as a robin, foxes, hares, and wise owls.


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The Robin

There is the cheeky Robin, a familiar visitor to most gardens and parks.

The Robin sculpture is ideal if you have a small space or nook you want to place a piece to create interest as he is only 205mm high, (8inches).

The Robin may be small but perched upon a twig this handsome little fellow with his familiar redbreast will brighten up a display in any corner of your home.

Edge Sculpture Owls

Still on birds, we have an Owl collection. You are less likely to see an owl in the day unless you are lucky enough to find one roosting high up in a tree. The Edge Sculpture Owls can be seen every day in your home in any prominent position you choose to place them.

There is a Golden Owl, a Tawny Owl, Midnight Blue Owl and the wise Barn Owl to choose from. So, no matter what style your home décor is, there will be an owl to compliment your home. Or, why not have two or three of them and display them as a collection.

Edge Sculpture The Squirrel

A woodland creature you will see in your garden, usually stealing your bird food is the bushy-tailed squirrel.

The Squirrel Edge Sculpture Squirrel is posed holding an acorn, one of its favourite foods.

The Squirrel at 310mm high will make a great centrepiece of any display.

The Fox

The bright-eyed Fox Bust Edge Sculpture is another wonderful addition to the woodland family. This piece is a standout sculpture to make a statement as part of any display in your home. Foxes are generally shy creatures that live in family groups.

They hunt for food at night so you are unlikely to see one in the day. With this stunning Edge Sculpture Fox, you can admire this wily creature every day.

The Brown Hare

The brown hare was thought to have been introduced to the UK in Roman times and is now considered a naturalised species. Larger than the rabbit, hares will put on show ‘boxing’ each other in March during their mating season. One of our Edge Hare sculptures is shown in this typical boxing pose and the other quietly looking up at the night sky, star gazing. Either or both of these sculptures will look great as part of your woodland collection.


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