Luxurious Semi-Aniline Leather Reclining Sofas

When replacing your old sofa suite, there are many choices to make and one of those questions may be, “should I choose a leather corner sofa?”

A new sofa is something you will want to live with for many years so you need to choose your design and quality wisely. A corner sofa offers many advantages and seating flexibility, so let’s take a look at some of the main points about corner sofas.

A leather corner sofa will provide plenty of space for the whole family and even additional seating for any guests who may be coming over to visit. It is a highly sociable space to sit in making conversation flow easily.

Wilson Large Corner Suite

Do I need a large room for a corner sofa?

Not necessarily, a corner sofa actually offers space saving benefits! Sitting neatly in a corner, your new sofa will actually preserve space by making use of the space that would be redundant between two separate sofas. This is particularly useful in smaller rooms.

Your new corner sofa need not be a huge beast of a sofa, our ranges start with a diminutive 1 seater on each side of a corner. An example of this is the Chessington Corner suite. Another advantage of the Chessington is that each end seat is a recliner for ultimate comfort.

The larger corner suites such as the Wilson can be as large as 4 seats on either side of a corner, these sofas are perfect as a statement piece in a large room.

Chessington Small Corner Sofa

Does my corner sofas have to be in the corner?

No, it doesn’t! If you have the space, arrange your new sofa exactly where you need it. Most homes tend to have the TV as the focal point, so place your sofa facing the TV, so all the family gets an equally great view.

They can also be used as a divider between zoned spaces, say a dining area through to a lounge area. In this case, it doesn’t have to be placed in a corner and will look stunning as a stand-alone piece.

Perfect for Socialising

A corner sofa is a great option for entertaining guests. The larger size u shaped configuration such as the Wilson Corner Suite allows guests to face each other which will naturally encourage socialising. This makes the design of a corner sofa perfect for hosting a formal dinner party, a casual movie night with friends or just sitting and chatting with family in the evenings.

In comparison, when sitting on a regular sofa, your guests are all facing the same direction, making conversing more difficult.

Ultimate Comfort

On a regular sofa, there can usually be a battle for the comfiest spot, on a corner, every seat is a comfy spot making family evenings a relaxing time.

Our leather corner sofas are all recliners adding extra comfort to recline and relax in the evenings. The Wilson also has modules with a drinks holder and a music console so you have all your relaxing needs in one comfy piece of furniture.

Our leather corner sofas all have pocket sprung seats for luxury seating and they bounce back as you stand, meaning your cushions will never need plumping. The supportive back cushions are S-Spring back cushions that will also keep their shape for the lifetime of the sofa.

Wilson and Chessington Leather Corner Sofas

Click on either of the links below to see all the choices you have with the Wilson and Chessington corner groups. Choose from a small corner to a large statement piece that will be the envy of all your friends.

Modular Construction

All our leather corner sofas are modular so they can be configured just how you need them. Start with the corner unit then add whatever you need to each side, a left two seater and a right one seater, you get the picture!

Being modular, the task of moving the sofa for any reason such as carpet cleaning, decorating or even moving home becomes easier. You only need to move a module at a time rather than trying to lift a huge sofa. This is also ideal if you have corridors to navigate or narrow doorways. We do however suggest that you measure spaces very carefully to ensure that your new sofa will fit your home.

For advice on what and how to measure, please do not hesitate to ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable team. Our own team deliver and assemble the sofas, so we have lots of experience in installing our corner sofas in all size and shapes of home.

Drinks Tray
Media Player

Matching seats

All our corner sofas also have single seater chairs to match, this is ideal if a member of the family likes their “own chair”, or you need an extra chair in a small space like an alcove or window recess. Our ranges also include two, three and even five seater standard sofas, so you can choose the perfect configuration of seating for your home. Shown below are the Wilson chair and two seater plus the Chessington chair and two seater which can make perfect partners for any of our leather corner sofas.

Wilson Chair
Chessington Chair
Wilson Two Seater
Chessington Two Seater

Why choose leather

A leather corner sofa is extremely durable and long-lasting. Leather is a strong and resistant material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear, making it a great choice for families with children or pets. Additionally, leather is easy to clean and maintain, which makes it a great option for those who want to keep their living space looking neat and tidy.

Leather has a natural softness that makes it perfect for sitting and lounging.

You may think leather is cold, but it is quite the opposite as the material is breathable and temperature-regulating which makes it comfortable to sit on in both hot and cold weather.

Overall, a leather corner sofa is a great choice for anyone looking for a comfortable, stylish, and durable piece of furniture that will last for years to come. It’s a perfect combination of style, comfort, and functionality.

Fabric Corner Sofas

We also have a range of fabric corner sofas too if that is your preference, here are a couple of the most popular ones.

Our showroom

All our leather corner sofas are on display in our showroom so you can see for yourself the craftsmanship and quality that goes into making one of our sofas. You can also take a seat and recline to test out the comfort factor, Seeing the actual sofas in our showroom will also give you a much better idea of how they will look in your home.

It may be useful to take a few snaps of the room you need the sofa for then our team can help you choose just the right size and configuration.

Additional furniture

The perfect companion to any sofa is a coffee table to rest snacks and drinks upon whilst relaxing watching a movie or reading. A large centrally placed coffee table may not be ideal for reclining sofas, but smaller coffee tables that can be placed at each end of a sofa are perfect. Our nests of tables are ideal as they can be placed where you need them when entertaining than just stack up out of the way at the end of the evening.

You can even use a lamp table at the end of a sofa so you create a lovely reading spot illuminated with a statement lamp. The lamp table will also be at just the right height to place drinks upon too. We do however suggest you use coasters to protect your table surface.

Some of our most popular small coffee tables and lamp tables are pictured below:


Highlight the space with a well-chosen lamp. Your lamp will provide mood lighting in the room and will help to bring attention to any items displayed. We have a whole range of lamps on display in our showroom.


Our friendly team will deliver your new sofa and assemble it in the room of your choice. All you need to do is take a seat and relax!

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