Leather Reclining Sofas & Chairs – Buyers Guide

Before we talk in detail about our leather electric recliners, one important note; they can all be delivered within 7 days, so no waiting around for your new sofa to be delivered.

Leather reclining sofas and chairs are the ultimate in comfort and style, they are also supportive in terms of safety and relief. No matter how long you sit, they are adjustable and allow you to sit in a position that is perfect for you. A recliner adjusts position so you can sit, feet up, or you need a complete recline to relax and rest.

Recliners also have health benefits as elevating your legs, for a minimum of 20 minutes, is a brilliant way to improve blood circulation. At the touch of a button, a riser recliner can raise your legs to a comfortable position, taking the pressure from your joints and improving your blood pressure, a great source of relief.

 Our reclining sofas are meant to make your seating experience as relaxing as possible. Sitting down on your favourite reclining couch can be just the rest and relaxation that you need to unwind at the end of a long day.

Sofas for holiday accommodation

Any of our high-quality leather sofas due to their durability will also lend themselves to be an ideal piece of furniture for any guest accommodation such as a holiday cottage or apartment or even a hotel room.

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richmond leather sofa

Why Leather?

The benefits from our reclining sofas are clear to see, so why do we recommend our leather recliners?  

Look at any high-end hotels and restaurants and many of them will decorate their lobbies with leather furniture. This is because good leather furniture exudes class, luxury, and good taste. It also provides longevity and durability.

Leather outlasts fabric upholstery 4 to 1, which makes it the choice for busy households and just about anyone who wants comfort and style. If you spill something on leather, all you have to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth as soon as possible.

Another benefit of leather is that it doesn’t absorb smells the same way that a fabric sofa does. This is perfect for open plan homes so cooking odours won’t damage your sofa. It is also ideal for not absorbing pet smells and it is easy to wipe off pet fur as it doesn’t cling to the sofa, it just needs to be brushed off or removed with a soft vacuum cleaner brush.

As for comfort, many people think leather is cold, not so, leather actually ‘breathes,” so it quickly adjusts to your body temperature and is instantly comfortable.

Top Quality Leather

Semi-aniline leather

All our leather sofas are made from the very best quality semi-aniline leather. Semi-aniline leather is more durable than aniline leather while retaining a natural appearance. The increased durability is provided by the application of a light surface coating, which contains a small amount of pigment.

Leather Reclining Sofas – Construction

Seat Cushions

Our leather reclining chairs and sofas all have fully pocket sprung seat cushions. Pocket spring sofa cushions are constructed with high-quality springs individually wrapped in fabric to create small “pockets” for each spring. Generally, a pocket spring sofa is considered more durable than its foam cushion counterparts.

Pocket Springs

The benefits of pocket sprung seat cushions are:

  • They offer exceptional support and comfort for aches and pains
  • They feel bouncy and springy
  • They react to you when you rise from your sofa, aiding standing up.
  • They are longer lasting and more resilient than foam
  • You don’t have to plump cushions, they return to their normal shape as you rise
  • They keep their shape longer than foam
  • Being more durable, your sofa will last longer then a foam filled seat base

Back Cushions

The back cushions of our leather sofas are made from Fibre & S-Spring back cushions which give great support whilst seated or reclining and spring back into shape when you alight the sofa.

The cushions and back cushions on our sofas will give you the ultimate in comfort with practicality and longevity.


Most of our ranges are available as two-seaters where both the left and right recline, three-seaters where the left and right recline and the centre is fixed and single-seaters recliners. Our reclining mechanisms are almost all electric, so at the touch of a button, you can recline in comfort. ( We do have some manual models, ask us for details)

Our recliners go from elevating your feet plus various positions from upright to total recline. Some of our recliners such as the Lusia have twin motors which mean that the top and the footrest can be controlled separately. The Lusia three-seater has two large cushions that both recline so the whole sofas recline.

Lusia reclined – on display in our showroom


Reclining seats have removable backs which gives two flat surfaces making access to properties much easier. Some of our sofas even break down into individual sections so delivery and moving house is so much easier than moving a large bulky sofa.

Cleaning your leather reclining sofa

All you need do is wipe any dust or spillages away with a soft damp cloth. Vacuuming into any seams is also advisable to remove any crumbs or dust.

Cleaning leather with a soft cloth

Featured leather sofas and chairs

One of the huge advantages of choosing your leather recliners from Progressive is that we can usually deliver them within 5 to 10 days of ordering. So no waiting weeks or even months for your new sofa. 

We have our full range of leather sofas and chairs on display in our showroom. If you are within travel distance, we’d recommend you visit us so you can try out our sofas to see just how comfy they really are. Our knowledgeable and friendly team will be able to advise you on choosing the right sofa for your home and advise on aftercare too.

You can also buy directly from our website and here are just a few of the sofas and chairs featured on our website.

To help you choose a sofa, we’d recommend looking at one of our previous Blog articles, A Sofa Buyers Guide


The Hatfield is a thick semi-aniline genuine leather sofa in brown. It is an electric recliner.  

The Hatfield whilst being a contemporary design has a heritage feel to it with the shape and quality of the luscious dark brown leather. It will look great in any setting from a new build to an older cottage property.

Being strong and durable, the Hatfield will also lend itself well to being placed in holiday accommodation, e.g holiday cottage or apartment.

There is a left & right jumbo electric recliner on the 3 seaters, meaning the whole suite reclines

The two-seater has a left & right electric recliner and the single-seat also fully reclines.

The Hatfield is constructed from high-grade semi-aniline leather with fully pocket sprung seat cushions and fibre and S-Spring back cushions.


To help you decide on the best seating configuration for your home, the sizes of each piece on the range are:

1 seater: Width: 1000  x Depth: 980 x Height: 980 (mm)

2 seater: Width: 1480 × Depth: 980 × Height: 980 (mm)

3 seater: Width: 1890 × Depth: 980 × Height: 980 (mm)

We’d suggest making a paper template of the floor dimensions of the pieces you would like. You can then lay them out in your room to make sure you have sufficient space to walk between each element and that you can still open all doors in the room. If you are unsure of sizes, just bring the measurements of your room with you when you come to visit us, and we can help you choose the best seating configuration for your home.

The Hatfield suite on display in our showroom


The Lusia – Tan Brown Thick Semi-Aniline Genuine Leather Sofa (Electric Reclining)

The Lusia is a stunningly beautiful sofa and chair design. The lighter brown leather is of the very best quality semi-aniline and the style is luxurious with its deep base cushions and wide arms for resting upon. Unlike many leather recliners, the Lusia sits upon stylish chrome legs giving it an appearance of almost floating.

The recliners in this sofa are full extension electric recliners on a Twin-Motor allowing the top to be folded away into a low back position and the footrest to be controlled separately, perfect for the ultimate in comfort.

Both the left & right of the 3 seater has a jumbo electric recliner meaning the whole suite reclines. The 2 seater also has a left & right electric recliner and the matching chair has an electric recliner on the single-seat

The Lusia, is constucted with fully pocket sprung seat cushions and fibre & s-spring back cushions. No plumping of cushions required, when you alight your sofa or chair, it springs back to its former shape.


1 seater: Width: 1190  x Depth: 1010 x Height: 750-1000 (mm

2 seater: Width: 1760 × Depth: 1010 × Height: 750-1000 (mm)

3 seater: Width: 2150 × Depth: 1010 × Height: 750-1000 (mm)

The leather is high grade thick tan brown semi-aniline leather that just needs a wipe over with a soft cloth to keep it clean. Any spills should be wiped as soon as possible to keep your sofa in the very best condition.

The Lusia reclining suite has removable backs, giving two flat surfaces to access properties more easily when we deliver it to you or, should you move home in the future it will be easier to take out and replace in your new home.

Suites for holiday accommodation

Just like the Hatfield, the Lusia is an ideal suite for holiday accommodation including bed and breakfasts, hotels and holiday cottages.

The Lusia on display in our showroom


The Chessington is a grey thick semi-aniline genuine leather sofa with electric reclining. Grey continues to be an on-trend colour for home decor and the grey Chessington provides style in abundance for this calming colour scheme. It will sit well in many colour schemes and types of property.

The range includes a large three-seater, a two-seater and a very useful chair. This gives you the flexibility to choose the perfect configuration for your home. If you have a large lounge you may be able to accommodate two of the three-seaters and place them opposite each other. In a smaller room, the two-seater and a chair would work very well.

Do remember to measure the dimensions of your room including leaving sufficient space to walk around the room and open any doors before making your choice .


1 seater: Width: 990  x Depth: 1010 x Height: 1020 (mm)

2 seater: Width: 1590 × Depth: 1010 × Height: 1020 (mm)

3 seater: Width: 2130 × Depth: 1010 × Height: 1020 (mm)


The Chessington has full extension electric recliners in all pieces:

The left & right side of the three-seater has an electric recliner. The two-seater has a left & right electric recliner and the chair also has an electric recliner.

Interior: Each piece in the suite has fully pocket sprung seat cushions and fibre & s-spring back cushions. This type of sofa will hold its shape, provide excellent support when seated or reclining and will keep its shape when you stand up with no cushion plumping!

The Chessington has removable backs, giving two flat surfaces to access properties more easily. This is also useful if you decide to move home in the future.

Please note we also have the Chessington in grey fabric as a full recliner.

Other Leather Recliners

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Most of our leather sofas can all be delivered within 7 days, so no waiting for months for your new suite. However, if you are moving house or are decorating your property and don’t need your sofa immediately, then a quicker or slower collection or delivery is available to suit your timescales. If you want more details on any piece of furniture, just get in touch with the Team at Progressive and we will be happy to help you.

The suites featured here are all on display in our showroom so you can call in and see the quality of our sofas and try them out. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff will always be on hand to help you with any questions.

Our showroom has loads of free parking right outside our doors. Our website has a great selection of products available to purchase at the click of a button. If you can’t find what you are looking for or if you like an item, but you need something changing i.e. colour, size or style, just give us a call or send us an e-mail with your request and we will try our best to meet your requirements.

Call us: 01623 620620

Email us: info@progressive-furnishings.co.uk

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