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Loxley Rustic Oak range remains in stock at our showroom and warehouse and is available for collection from our showroom or can be delivered for free. The entire range is available for sale on our website and all items regardless of how large have FREE DELIVERY.

Many retailers are struggling to hold stocks of furniture because of difficulties obtaining raw materials, manufacturing delays and even shipping delays due to the current Covid crisis. You may have to wait several weeks or even months for your order to get delivered from some retailers. With Loxley Rustic Oak, this is not the case. The whole range is on display for you to view at our showroom or you can buy online and have free delivery. It is the perfect time to upgrade your dining table and chairs, provide more storage in your house with a sideboard or cabinet or treat yourself to new bedroom furniture.

We are going to take a look at Loxley furniture for each room of your home, however, if you wish to see the whole range, just click here.

Loxley – Craftsman Made Furniture

Loxley Rustic Oak is built from solid thick oak timbers that feature naturally occurring rustic knots giving each piece an individual character. The solid oak gives each piece strength and beauty. This sturdy furniture is built to use and made to last and will stand up to the demands of modern busy family life.

This furniture is made by experienced craftsmen using traditional joinery methods. Dovetail joints are used for drawers and the drawer slides are made by carving a channel in the drawer that effortlessly slides to gain easy access. This is the best type of drawer slider as there is nothing to break or wear out as there is when a metal sliding mechanism is used. It will still perform perfectly even when weighted with heavy contents.

The sleek on-trend handleless design gives this furniture a streamlined look whilst still retaining its rustic roots. Handleless designs are ideal if you have pets or young toddlers crawling as there is nothing for them to catch themselves on with this smooth design.

Loxley Lounge Furniture

Your Loxley Rustic Oak furniture will look good for many years to come. It will just require a light regular dusting and an application of good quality wax to keep it looking perfect. We can advise you on the best polish to use on your new furniture.

Loxley Rustic Oak includes furniture for your lounge, dining room, bedroom, and office. 

Loxley Rustic Oak Living Room Furniture

Many pieces of Loxley furniture are multi-purpose and can be used in any room in the house such as chests of drawers that make ideal bedroom storage and a perfect place in the lounge to hide the clutter. A bookshelf works equally well in a lounge as it does in a dining room or office. The following information focuses on key pieces for your lounge.

Lamp and Console Tables

The Loxley Oak 1 Drawer Lamp Table is perfect for placing a reading lamp or a soft light to brighten up a dark corner of your room. The useful drawer is the ideal place to store your remote controls along with other small items that don’t usually have a home. The drawer base is solid oak so will not bend or buckle under any weight.

The Loxley Rustic Oak 2 Drawer Console Table at just 305mm deep is a perfect slimline table that is perfect placed against a wall or at the back of a sofa. The tabletop is just the right size for a handy lamp or to display your favourite picture frames, a plant or a vase of flowers. The 2 drawers are perfect storage for items that can clutter your lounge. The shelf under the table is a useful spot for additional storage, place wicker baskets on the shelf and then store your books and magazines neatly.

The Loxley 1 Drawer Console Table is the perfect petit table for a lamp or displaying collectables. This console table also makes the perfect bedside table too.

TV Cabinets

Loxley has a choice of three Tv cabinets from a small corner unit to a large plasma Tv stand and a medium-sized unit.

Loxley Rustic Oak Corner TV Unit is perfect for smaller lounges as it fits neatly into a corner. The deep drawer is ideal for storing DVDs and remote controls.

The Loxley Rustic Oak Standard 1 Door TV Unit is a stylish TV unit made for larger TV’s at 900mm wide. It has two shelves for Digital boxes or games consoles with handy cutouts at the back for cables. The cupboard provides additional storage to help keep your lounge tidy.

The Loxley Rustic Oak Large Plasma TV Unit is the largest of the Loxley TV units at 1380mm wide, so ideal for the largest of TV’s available. The double cupboard also provides ample storage for remotes, DVD’s and any other smaller items you wish to hide away.

Storage – Sideboards and Cabinets

Storage in any room is key to having an organised and tidy room. The Loxley range has a choice of three sideboards in various sizes and a beautiful glass display case. There is also a rustic oak bookcase which is ideal to display books and other collectables.

The Loxley Rustic Oak Glazed Display Unit is a beautiful display cabinet built from solid thick oak timbers. Loxley’s sleek handleless design gives this traditional solid oak cabinet a modern on-trend twist so it will be perfectly placed in any type of home from a modern to a traditional period property or cottage. It is the perfect place to show off your precious items and collectables whilst keeping them safe from breakage.

The Loxley Rustic Oak Small Sideboard at just 1000mm wide and 440mm deep is the perfect cabinet for smaller rooms.  With its two-door cupboard and two strong drawers, it still provides ample storage.  The perfect place to store anything from hobby materials, books, magazines or any items that can clutter your lounge.

We also have an extra small sideboard, it is available for pre-order with a January delivery date. Click here to read about the Extra Small Sideboard.

The Loxley Rustic Oak Large Sideboard at 1490mm wide is a stylish answer to all your storage challenges. It has a generously sized double cupboard on the left and a single cupboard on the right. Both cupboards have a solid oak shelf that will bear the weight of books magazines or even tableware. The top has three spacious drawers ideal for smaller items to prevent clutter in your home. The spacious top surface offers the perfect place to show off photos, place a lamp for mood lighting or display your favourite collectables. This is a real wow piece of furniture that will create a focal point in any room.

Other Loxley Lounge Furniture

The Loxley Rustic oak range also has a range of coffee tables for your lounge, including nests and large single coffee tables, bookshelves, mirrored and more useful storage in chests of drawers. To see the full Loxley Lounge range, just Click Here

Loxley Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation, a haven and a place to re-charge your batteries after a hectic day. However, some bedroom spaces have to double up as an office space or a workroom for hobbies. So choosing the right pieces of bedroom furniture is key to ensure the room has all of the facilities you require.

The Loxley range includes all of the furniture required to create that relaxing haven. It includes beds in three sizes, wardrobes, dressing tables that double as a desk, bedsides, ottomans, chests of drawers and much more.  To see the full Loxley Bedroom range Click Here


Starting with the most important piece of bedroom furniture, your bed. The Loxley Rustic Oak beds are available in three sizes, single, double and kingsize. The Loxley beds have a traditional rustic design and will look great in any bedroom in a newer modern home, a traditional period property or cottage.

These beautifully crafted beds are made from high-quality oak, making them strong and durable from the actual frame to the slats upon which your choice of mattress will sit.


Wardrobes are a key piece in the battle to keep your bedroom tidy. If you have space to hang clothes or fold them away, most people are more likely to put things away rather than throwing them over a chair or at the very worst on the floor!

The Loxley Range has two wardrobes, the single which is ideal for a teenager or child’s room and the large Triple Wardrobe, ideal where two adults are sharing a room. Both wardrobes are the same height and depth, so can be used in combination if extra space is required in a larger bedroom.

The Loxley Rustic Oak 2 Door 1 Drawer Wardrobe is spacious with a full-width hanging rail and a deep drawer in the base. This wardrobe is perfect for all your clothes including even bulky clothing such as knitwear and sweatshirts. This oak wardrobe is perfect for a single adult, child or teenagers bedroom or as an additional wardrobe to be paired with the Loxley Rustic Oak Triple Wardrobe to provide extra storage space in a bedroom for a couple.

The Loxley Rustic Oak Triple Wardrobe is a beautiful but practical statement piece of furniture that will grace any style of bedroom. This large triple wardrobe has a double full-width and full-height hanging rail on the left side and on the right behind the single door is a large cupboard with 3 adjustable shelves. At the bottom, of the wardrobe, there are two deep storage drawers with solid oak bases and dovetail jointed drawer mechanisms.

Chests of Drawers

A chest of drawers is essential for storage in any bedroom. The Loxley range has a number of chests with various drawer combinations for your bedroom and here we feature just three of them.

The Loxley Rustic Oak 5 Drawer Tall/ Wellington Chest is a useful tall chest with a relatively small footprint making it ideal for smaller bedrooms. This chest has 5 drawers with three of them being deep drawers which are ideal for bulky items of clothing or a large pile of t-shirts and the two narrow top drawers are perfect for underwear, socks and other smaller items.

The Loxley Rustic Oak 6 Drawer/3 by 3 Chest of Drawers is a bold chest with 6 deep drawers providing ample storage for even the bulkiest of sweaters.

The Loxley Rustic Oak 2 Over 4 Chest of Drawers has a more modest footprint than the 6 drawer chest but still provides an abundance of storage with four full-width drawers and two half-width drawers.

Also in the Loxley range are bedside tables, mirrors and dressing tables plus other chests of drawers. To see the full Loxley Bedroom range Click Here

Loxley Dining Room Furniture

Your dining room is a focal point of the home as it is the place friends and family come together to share good food, good company and great memories. Open plan or an actual dining room, we have the ideal combination of rustic oak dining room furniture to make your dining room a special place to share with family and friends.

Many of the pieces are ideal for a dining room such as sideboards or chests of drawers have already been featured in this article under bedrooms or living room, so in this section, we concentrate on the most important piece in your dining area, table and chairs.

To view the whole Loxley Dining range, just click here.

Dining Tables & Chairs

Loxley features two different options for dining. There is a small oak dining table that extends and a large extending dining table. Each can be purchased on its own or as a set with either four or six dining chairs. The small extending table is available for pre-order for January delivery and the large extending table is available for delivery right now.

Loxley Rustic Oak Large Extending Dining Table

The large table seats six people in comfort with plenty of space to relax and enjoy a meal together. An extending table is perfect if you seat a smaller number of people day to day but when entertaining, you need additional seating. When not extended, the table is 1800mm in length and when extended, it goes up to 2300mm, giving you more space to serve up a feast for all the family. The table has an easy to extend action as we show in our video below.

Loxley Rustic Oak Dining Chair

The matching Loxley chairs are built from solid oak and have a very comfortable padded leather seat. Your guests will dine in comfort seated at these high backed chairs. When not in use, they sit neatly under the Loxley Dining Table. The Rustic Oak Dining table and chairs make dining with friends and family a real pleasure.

See our video to view just how easy it is to extend the Loxley dining Table.

YouTube video

All the Loxley furniture featured in this article is available for online purchase with FREE delivery or local pick up from our Mansfield showroom.

If you need any more information or wish to discuss a particular piece of furniture, then please feel free to call us for a chat.

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