Loxley Rustic Oak bedroom Furniture

Loxley Rustic Oak bedroom furniture has pieces to cater for all your storage and relaxation needs. A bedroom should be a place of sanctuary, a place to rest and relax and re-charge ready for whatever the next day brings. The advice in this article is based on a couple sharing a bedroom. Choosing furniture for a child or teenagers’ bedroom will be added to this blog very soon.

In this article, we feature Loxley Rustic Oak bedroom furniture which has loads of furniture to choose from both in the bedroom range and oak furniture in the living room range which can be used in the bedroom. Loxley Rustic Oak Bedroom Furniture is a chunky traditional oak with naturally occurring knots in the wood. It is a light oak and not as heavy as bold plank wood furniture so is ideal if your room is smaller, or you don’t have much natural light getting through.

 Zoning your bedroom

In any busy family, a bedroom is now used for activities other than resting, such as working, reading or watching TV. To accommodate these various activities, a  bedroom can be split into different zones as follows:

Sleeping – a place for your bed and bedside tables. Choose a bed as big as the room can take, you will get a much better night’s sleep with more space. Do make sure you can easily walk around the bed and that you still have space for other important furniture.

Storage – without the right amount of storage, your bedroom will become cluttered and untidy which isn’t a relaxing place to be. The last thing you need on a busy morning whilst getting ready for work is for your clothes to be creased as they are squashed into a wardrobe that is too small. An untidy bedroom is not a relaxing space or somewhere you will want to spend time.

Working or Pampering – You need a space to make sure you are looking your best every day. A dressing table with a mirror is ideal as it can be used as a place to check your appearance is spot on before leaving home. It can also double up as a workstation for a laptop, sewing, reading or writing.

Relaxing – you may wish to watch TV in bed so you will need somewhere to place the TV at a height where you can comfortably watch it from your bed. A chest of drawers or console table is ideal. You can, of course, have the TV wall mounted of space allows.

Seating – a bedroom chair or stool as an additional seating area is a nice luxury if you have space. It will be somewhere to sit and relax, read a book or just have five minutes of peace with a morning cuppa before facing the day. We do have a stool in the Loxley range that fits neatly under the dressing table when not in use.

Choosing Bedroom Furniture

Measuring the Space

It sounds obvious, but firstly, measure the size of your room before choosing any furniture. Decide which wall your bed will be placed on, then measure the width of the space. This will give you the decision on what size of bed you can choose. Remember to leave space for bedside tables. All our furniture on this website has the exact measurements, so you can measure out your floor space before making any decisions.

In our Loxley range, the King-sized bed and two 3 drawer bedside tables will need a wall space of 2150mm or just over 7 foot. If space is tight and you really want that bigger bed, why not try using a small lamp table as a bedside. You will still have space for a small lamp and a cup but if this gives you the extra space you need, you can add extra storage elsewhere.

For big items such as beds or wardrobes, it would be useful to make a paper template the size of the furniture so you can walk around it and see just how much space you have. Remember to leave space for doors to open and have access to the inside of your chosen furniture.

Beds & Bedsides

Here we show the double and king-sized beds along with the 3 drawer bedside. Also shown is the 1 drawer lamp table which makes an ideal bedside table and a small lamp table which is ideal where space is at a premium.



Unless you are an absolute de-clutter expert, the more storage you have the better. Firstly, choose a wardrobe as this will have the biggest footprint. Our Loxley single wardrobe has a width of just 1100mm and one base drawer for extra storage. If you have space, our triple wardrobe has a width of 1650mm and two deep base drawers. Decide which wall you are going to use for a wardrobe then check the available space. Make sure you can still fully open and close any doors in the room such as an en suite bathroom door or the bedroom door.

Chests and Other Cupboards

The next largest piece of furniture to consider will be chests of drawers. In the Loxley range, you have plenty of choices including a 2 over 3 drawer chest, a 2 over 4 chest, a 6 drawer large chest to a slimline 5 drawer tall chest. Drawer depth is an important consideration depending on what you will be storing. T-shirts take up less space than bulky winter clothes. If you don’t want your clothes getting creased, go for a deeper drawer or consider a sideboard as discussed below.

You could also consider using furniture traditionally thought of as lounge furniture such as a sideboard. We have small sideboards at 1000mm wide up to 1490mm for the large sideboard. This type of furniture makes perfect storage for spare bedding, bulky jumpers and sweatshirts, shoes or even makeup and your hairdryer.  The height of a sideboard will also in most cases be the perfect height to place a TV atop to relax and watch from your bed. This is of course if you have space to place the sideboard opposite the end of your bed.

Dressing Area

For your dressing area, we have a single pedestal dressing table with four handy drawers. This piece will also double up as a desk from which to work if required.  We have a vanity mirror that stands on the dressing table or if you prefer something larger, why not wall mount a large mirror on the wall behind the dressing table. A leather-topped stool in the Loxley range is the perfect height for either pampering or working from the dressing table. The stool comfortably fits under the dressing table when not in use so freeing up space in your bedroom.

If space is tight, why not consider a small console table as your dressing table. If will perform all the aforementioned functions, it has less storage but takes up less space.

Other Storage

If you are an avid reader, then a bookcase may be a smart option for your bedroom. In the Loxley range, you can choose from the small 2 shelf bookcase or the tall 5 shelf bookcase. Bookcases are an ideal place to store not only your books but picture frames and other keepsakes or smaller items in decorative baskets.

If still need extra storage, why not consider a blanket box or ottoman. The Loxley range has a deep blanket box with a depth of 515 mm of storage space for your space bedding, shoes, books or any other bulky items you wish to store.


If you have the space for a chair in which to relax, the Edinburgh chair is perfect.

Slimline and stylish, this chair is available in traditional plaid fabrics, luxurious velvets and vinyl. If placed near a window, it is the ideal place to sit quietly and enjoy a coffee whilst reading or just reflecting on the day.

There are plenty of colourways to choose from so you can be sure of finding something that compliments your bedroom.

Finishing touches

To finish your new bedroom and give it your own personal style, we also have a range of lamps, pictures, wall art, ornaments and sculptures that will look great in a bedroom.

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