A Collection of colourful Reptile Edge Sculptures

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There are new additions to the Edge Sculpture range, the Chameleon and the African Tree Frog.  The Chameleon is available in four colours and the Tree frog in Five colours.

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African Tree Frog

Usually, any new piece in the Edge range is available in two or three colours, (apart from dogs), but this time, whilst developing new colour choices, the team at Edge finished up with eight variations!

Unable to decide which colours of tree frog would be in the range, Matt carried out a poll on Facebook to ask people to choose their favourite colour. The results were as follows:

1st Place – Green
2nd – Rainbow Green
3rd Place – Blue
4th – Orange
5th Place – Spotty

The Results Explained

1st Green, this colour was a clear winner by a good margin.

2nd Rainbow Green, with shades of lilac and purple, was a studio favourite and popular with voters

3rd Blue, popular with the voters, blue came in third which was no surprise to the team

4th Orange, a colourful creation that the team thought would be voted higher up the list!

5th The yellow spotty, a surprising choice

Not quite making the cut were the yellow, rainbow blue and pink. You can see them all in the image below. The ones on the turntable were voted most popular.

About the Tree Frog

The Edge Sculpture Tree Frogs are sculpted sitting upon a branch which is their natural habitat. They can be found in branches, tree trunks or even under leaves. Tree frogs are excellent climbers due to their feet not being totally webbed, so they have ‘toes’ to help them cling to trees and climb. There are many species of tree Frog in various colours and the Edge Sculpture Frog range is based upon true colours in nature.

The Tree Frog sculpture is a 3D piece which means it can be viewed from any angle and is hollow which allows light to permeate through. It makes a stunning display scene when placed next to one of the Chameleons as the tree branches they both sit upon, match perfectly. You can match colours, green Tree Frog with a Green Chameleon or mix up the colours for an eye-catching display.

Here are all the Tree Frogs in the Collection, click on any of the sculptures to read more details about the Tree Frog or even place an order.  


The Green Chameleon has been a popular choice in the Edge Sculpture range so the team decided to add three more colours to the range that can be displayed alone or mix and match with the Tree Frog as shown above.

The new colours are Orange, Blue and Rainbow Blue.

Three new Chameleons

About the Chameleon

Chameleons are a highly specialized clade of the Old World that have the ability to change colour. A chameleon will often change skin colour as a reaction to its surroundings. If another male is present, it will look aggressive and change to bright colours but if there is a predator around, it will become muted or subdued to help it hide. So our range of chameleons in various colours shows this beautiful creature in various shades it is capable of changing into.

Chameleons’ eyes are independently mobile, but in aiming at a prey item, they focus forward in coordination, affording the animal stereoscopic vision. This Chameleon is shown ready to grasp a caterpillar for its lunch!

The sculpture is a 3D piece which means it can be viewed from any angle. It is also hollow allowing light to permeate through.

The Chameleon in any of the colour choices can be displayed with any of the Tree Frogs to create a stunning scene.

The Chameleon and the Tree Frog are amongst the most colourful creations in the Edge Sculpture range and make perfect gifts for any reptile collector or fans of these unusual and charming creatures.

Here are the Chameleons, just click on any to see more details about each sculpture.

Edge Sculpture Reptile Launch Video

YouTube video

Placing an Order

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