The exciting new edge Sculptures for Autumn 2020 are;  The Bear Cub, The Octopus Figure, Staffy/ Staffordshire Bull Terrier Bust (in five colours) and the Angel Bust in Teal.

Matt Buckley who designs the stunning and varied collection of Edge Sculptures has released four new Edge Sculpture designs for Autumn 2020. They are on our website for pre-order and will be available very soon.

See the full Edge Sculpture range here.

Click to view Matt Buckley’s launch video.

The Bear Cub – Now in Stock

The Bear Cub new Edge Sculpture is a very cute little fellow and measuring just 245mm in height. Bear cubs are playful and will spend time play fighting with their siblings to learn how to take care of themselves once they leave their mother. The Edge Bear Cub will sit happily upon a dresser top, a lamp table or as a decorative piece on a bookcase. For anyone loving wildlife and in particular bears, this sculpture is definitely waiting to be part of your collection.

The Octopus Now in Stock

The Octopus is an eight-limbed creature that is also regularly featured in works of mythology and is, therefore, a creature that fascinates many people. In some cultures, the octopus symbolises flexibility, creativity, intelligence and unpredictability whilst to others it was seen as a sea monster! Whether you think of the octopus as a monster or a creature of fascination, it will be a great addition to any collector of wildlife sculpture.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier continues to be a very popular breed of dog.  They are known for their courage, intelligence and love of children. They are strong, active dogs and will require plenty of exercise making them ideal for the family who loves walking and the outdoors.

Matts new sculptures include four of the most popular colours of Staffi, the Brindle, the Red Staffordshire Bull Terrier, a Blue and a multi-coloured called Patch. This sculpture in any of the colours is a perfect gift for owners of this lovable breed of dog.

The Teal Angel

The Angel is a strikingly beautiful figure by Matt Buckley. Angels are found in various mythologies and religions. In classical fine art, the angel usually takes human form with extraordinary beauty.

The new Angle bust is finished in a soft teal colour giving it an ethereal look.

This sculpture can be paired with any other Mythical sculptures from the Edge range or will look stunning as a centrepiece to a display all by itself.

Edge Sculptors – New Introductions Launch Video

This video includes an interview with matt Buckley reading the new Edge Sculptures.

YouTube video

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