New Edge Sculptures added to the collection in 2022 now in stock

Two of the latest limited edition Edge Sculptures are now in stock and ready to order. They are the Spartan Warrior and the Green man Bust.

Limited Edition 50:
Spartan Warrior – Ancient warrior
Green man Bust – Ancient Legend

Spartan Warrior – Ancient warrior

The Spartan warrior makes a powerful statement and was a skilled warrior. They were especially known for being such an effective fighting force, that they were able to fight against armies that were much larger in size than them.

Matt wanted the piece to have an antique weathered appearance to really emphasise the ancient qualities. The warrior’s helmet has a gold patina which is added with a hand-finished stippled technique.

 This ancient warrior is now in stock and is available to order.

Green man Bust – Ancient Legend

Added to the Mythical range is the mystical Green Man bust.  The legend of the Green Man of the woods is centuries old and is generally associated with Spring and May Day celebrations. He is that strange, wild man of the woods, he is the vibrant spirit of the wildwood, of vegetation in leaf or bud, of spring, pool and river, earth and sky, indeed the totality of nature.

The Green man is now in stock and ready to order

Launch Video for Limited Editions

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Launch Video


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