New Edge Sculptures added to the collection in 2023

For the upcoming Spring 2023 season, the collection of New Edge Sculptures has been enriched with eight new pieces. Among them, some are familiar faces now available in new colours, such as the Tree Frog and Chameleon. Additionally, brand new sculptures have been added to the collection, such as the adorable Koala and Joey.

The following are the new additions to the Edge Sculpture collection, along with their respective prices:

Koala & Joey Bust: £250
Tiger Bust: £330
Lion Cub: £125
Lion Cub – White: £125
Highland Cow – Black: £345
Gorilla Figure – White: £430
Chameleon – Rainbow Pink: £215
African Tree Frog – Aqua Pink: £90
We invite you to take a closer look at each of these new sculptures.

Edge Sculpture Highland Cow Bust Black
In stock

The new Highland Cow Black is a perfect partner for the Red Highland Cow which launched last year. We are expecting this one to be very popular as the demand for the Red Highland Cow was extremely high. The Highland Cow, in Red or Black has been much captured in art, either photographs, paintings or sculptures.

The Black Highland Cow is seen less than the Red out in our fields but is still a popular cattle breed in the UK. Black Highland cattle, also known as Scottish Highland cattle, are a hardy breed of cattle that originated in the Scottish Highlands. They are easily recognizable by their long, shaggy black coats and impressive curved horns, which can span up to 6 feet across.

The new sculpture has the iconic long thick coat and floppy fringe, although our Edge cow can see through its fringe as Matt thought it important to see its eyes!

This stunning sculpture captures the essence of the breed, with its shaggy black coat, impressive curved horns, and gentle expression. The Black Highland Cow Edge Sculpture is a large and impressive piece of art that would make a perfect addition to any interior, bringing a touch of ruggedness and elegance to the space. 

This sculpture is now in stock and is available to order from our website with FREE delivery, or visit our showroom where you can check it out for yourself and make the choice of Red or Black or maybe even both!

Koala & Joey Bust
Available to pre-order

The Koala & Joey bust has to be one of the most charming and heartwarming characters of the whole Edge Collection.

This stunning Edge Sculpture Koala & Joey Bust features a Koala with her young, known as a “Joey” by her side. There used to be millions of Koalas in the wild but in recent years numbers have dwindled due to bushfires and the destruction of their habitats.

The word “koala” is thought to originate from one of the Australian Aboriginal languages and roughly translates to ‘no drink’ or ‘no water’.  In their native habitat in the  Australian bush, koalas rarely drink water with the majority of their water intake coming from eating fresh eucalyptus leaves.  This beautiful sculpture, the Koala & Joey Bust, is a wonderful way to enjoy the charm of this iconic creature in your home as it truly captures the character of the Koala.

The Koala is currently available to pre-order and we expect stock very soon. See our webpage for more details.

The Lion Cub and Lion Cub White
Available to pre-order

The Lion Cub in White and traditional colours are playful and adorable pieces of art. These sculptures depict a lion cub in a seated position, with a mischievous expression on its face, as if it is about to pounce on its prey or playfully tease its siblings.

The red Lion cub sculpture is finished in colours that closely resemble those of the actual King of the Jungle, adding to its lifelike appearance. The White Lion Cub is in the same pose as its sibling and is a rare colour mutation of the lion, specifically the Southern African lion. There is thought to only be a very small number of these beautiful creatures in the wild.

As with all Edge Sculptures, these pieces are handcrafted with great attention to detail, from the texture of the fur to the contours of the face, making them truly remarkable works of art. Either Cub would be an ideal addition to any space, bringing a touch of wildness and warmth to the surroundings. Each Cub would make a display all by itself or add a touch of fun to a wildlife display by placing them together to make a real impact.

This sculpture is available to pre-order now and will be available for FREE delivery and in stock in our showroom any day now.

Tiger Bust
Available to pre-order

This majestic Edge Sculpture Tiger Bust has a real impact and appears to be staring right at you with its mesmerising eyes. Tigers are majestic creatures that belong to the cat family and are known for their striking orange coat with black stripes. They have a powerful build and are one of the largest big cats in the world. Tigers are found in various parts of Asia, including India, Southeast Asia, and Russia.

The Edge Sculpture Tiger bust captures the raw power and beauty of this magnificent animal with its fierce expression, intricate details, and lifelike texture. The Tiger bust would make a perfect addition to any modern interior, adding a touch of wildness and elegance to the space. It is an impressive piece of art that captures the essence of the animal and serves as a testament to the artist’s talent and dedication.

This sculpture is available to pre-order now and will be available for FREE delivery really soon.

Gorilla Bust
Now in stock

The Edge Sculpture Gorilla Figure White is a new addition to the ever popular Primates range of Edge Sculptures. Gorillas are fascinating animals that live in the forests of central Africa, and they are known for their impressive strength and intelligence. White Gorillas are extremely rare with only one ever being found in the wild who was named Snowflake”.

The sculpture depicts an adult gorilla in a seated position, with a serious expression on its face, as if it is ready to pounce to defend its family group. The Edge Gorilla is incredibly lifelike, with intricate details such as the texture of the fur and the contours of the face and body. The gorilla’s muscular build, broad shoulders, and impressive size convey a sense of strength and dominance, making it clear that this animal is in charge. It will make a perfect display mate if shown with the Gorilla Figure in its traditional colours.  It would make a fabulous addition to any interior, adding a touch of wildness and sophistication to the space.

This wonderful sculpture is now in stock and is available to collect from our showroom or to order from our website with FREE delivery.

Chameleon Rainbow Pink
In stock

The Rainbow Pink Chameleon is a perfect addition to the existing range of Chameleons in various colours as shown below.

Chameleons are renowned for their distinct features such as their long, curled tails, independently moving eyes, and incredible ability to change the colour of their skin. They use this ability to blend into their environment or communicate with other chameleons. They’re also known for their long, sticky tongues that they use to capture prey.

This 3D sculpture can be viewed from any angle and is also hollow, allowing light to permeate through. The Chameleon is depicted here, ready to grasp a caterpillar for its lunch!

The Edge Sculpture Chameleon (Rainbow Pink) is a magnificent display of the Chameleon’s incredible abilities and would make a fantastic addition to any interior, either by itself or with any of the other Chameleons in the range.

This new Chameleon is available now in stock and on display in our showroom.

The range of Chameleons includes; The Edge Sculpture range includes the Green Chameleon, the Blue, the Orange and the very colourful Rainbow Blue as shown below.

Colourful Chameleons Collection

Here is the full collection of Chameleons. Each sculpture is designed to showcase the Chameleon’s ability to change colour and blend into its surroundings. The range of colours allows for a stunning display of this remarkable creature and adds a unique touch to any interior.

African Tree Frog Aqua Pink
In Stock

After the tremendous success of last year’s African Tree Frog Collection launch, The Edge team is excited to introduce a new colour: Aqua/Pink.

African tree frogs are a diverse group of frogs that inhabit various environments throughout sub-Saharan Africa, including forests, savannas, and wetlands. These adaptable creatures come in a range of colours, from bright greens and yellows to reds, with some species having the ability to change colour. The frogs have specialized adhesive pads on their toes, which enable them to climb trees and vertical surfaces. The sculpture also showcases these specialized toes, adding to its authenticity.

This sculpture can add a pop of colour and visual interest to any space. It can be a beautiful addition to a living room, bedroom, or even a workspace. With its intricate details and lifelike features, the sculpture can serve as a beautiful reminder of the natural world and its fascinating creatures.

The new Tree Fros is now in stock and is ready for collection from our showroom or can be ordered from our website with FREE delivery.

Full range of African Tree Frogs

Our range of Tree Frogs is available in five bright colours, Blue and Yellow, GreenOrangeRainbow Green and Yellow Spot as shown below.

How Edge Sculptures are made

Crafting an Edge Sculpture is a laborious process that involves skilled craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail. Each piece is made in the UK at matt Bucklys studios with a talented team of professional sculptures.

First, the original piece is brought to life using clay, which is then expertly encapsulated in rubber to create the parent mould. From this mould, durable composite granite pieces are cast, and a vacuum sealing process removes any air bubbles that could compromise the sculpture’s integrity. The curing period is then initiated and sustained until the structure reaches the appropriate level of hardness.

After this stage, the piece undergoes meticulous examination and fettling to enhance its depth of detail and natural form. Then, expert artists apply passionate finishing touches to colour, shade, and detail the sculpture to perfection, creating a true masterpiece.

The entire process is a testament to the dedication and skill of the Edge team, resulting in a beautiful and enduring work of art that is sure to be treasured for years to come.


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