Hardwick Light Oak

Oak Furniture for your lounge

Progressive Furnishings specialise in high-quality oak lounge furniture in an exciting variety of styles and designs which is perfect to furnish your lounge in any style of home.

We stock 23 outstanding ranges of oak lounge furniture including light oak, painted oak, chunky oak and industrial oak. All our furniture is made from the highest quality oak and is craftsman-made using traditional joinery methods.

Our furniture is built to last and will still look great in years to come. Maintenance is easy with just a wipe over with a soft cloth to keep surfaces dust-free.

Oak furniture is still as popular as ever and has a timeless appeal. Each piece has its own unique grain and looks great in both period and contemporary style interiors.

Our oak furniture lounge furniture includes pieces such as coffee tables, nests of tables, sideboards, display cabinets, TV/Media units, mirrors, bookcases and lamp tables. All you need to beautifully furnish a room, large or small.

Modern Sheesham Bookcase

Your Lounge

Your lounge is the heart of the home where you can relax with family and friends and enjoy your home. Generally, a lounge is considered to be a room for relaxing or entertaining while a living room can be considered a multi-use open plan area such as a living and dining area.

Whatever you call your lounge/living room or even sitting room, its uses have certainly evolved over the decades. In the past, a ‘front room’ or ‘best room’ was usually a room at the front of the house that was only used for special occasions, Christmas or entertaining. Memories of my grandparent’s house was that the front room was a cold and unloved space that was rarely used. Thanks to central heating, we have now changed the way we use our homes and make the best use of every room in the house.

In recent years, families place more demands on this area of the home, it needs to be a place to relax and entertain, watch TV, listen to music, play games, practise hobbies or even work from or for the kids to do homework.

No matter if your lounge is an open plan area to your dining area or a separate room, we can help you furnish that room to meet the demands of your family life and create a really stylish space to be proud of.

Once you have chosen your new furniture, you will want to live with your choices for years and our furniture will stand the test of time and will continue to look great.

Choosing Furniture

We’d suggest choosing the pieces of furniture you really need first, so a TV unit and maybe coffee tables. Then assess what space you have remaining before choosing anything else. If you have the space, a sideboard is a very useful piece as it is great for storing anything from your best glassware to the kid’s hobby materials.

If you still need further storage, try a bookcase or display cabinet that is perfect for displaying your favourite collectables, books photo frames and sculptures.

If you entertain regularly, a console table is a nice addition to place drinks upon for guests to help themselves. It is a narrow table that doesn’t take up too much floor space.

Hardwick Oak in our Showroom

If you have reclining sofas, then you may not want to place a large coffee table in front of your sofa as you won’t be able to reach it when reclined. This is where smaller coffee tables or nests become very useful as you can place them at the side of a sofa so drinks and snacks can be easily reached. When they are no longer needed, they can be stacked away in their nest.

If your sofas are not the reclining variety, then a large coffee table placed in front of your sofa is perfect for placing drinks and snacks. Some of our large coffee tables have a shelf under and drawers in each side, this makes useful storage for magazines, books and the drawers for smaller items such as remotes, reading glasses or spare coasters.

An ottoman can also be used as a coffee table with the added benefit of loads of storage inside.

Each of our ranges has all the pieces fo furniture you need to decorate a small or large lounge. Each range varies in colour and shape of the pieces. Take a look though the ranges below to see if any of our furniture inspires you to treat your home to new furniture which will last for many years, looking as good as the day it was delivered.

To learn more about choosing lounge or open plan lounge dining furniture, see our recent Blog article Choosing new Furniture for your lounge

Oak Furniture Ranges

Hardwick Light Oak furniture

This is one of our very best selling ranges of oak furniture and as a bonus, this range is available for delivery within 5 to 10 days. No waiting for months for your new furniture to be delivered.

hardwick oak lounge area
Hardwick Light Oak Lounge

Hardwick Light Oak is hand-crafted furniture and is built using sturdy American Oak. It is designed in a traditional 18th century styling with a nod to the ever-popular clean lines of the shaker style. This furniture will suit any environment from a new build modern home, or an apartment to a traditional house or period property.

It will look great no matter what your chosen decorating scheme is, neutral or bold. You can decorate the tops of your furniture such as sideboards, tables and bookcases with your favourite objects or a lovely lamp to light up a dark corner or just to add mood lighting.

The Hardwick Lounge range includes Sideboards, TV Units, Display Cabinets, Coffee Tables and Nests, Lamp Tables, Console Tables, Bookcases and Mirrors.  You can of course also use any other pieces in your lounge that are listed under bedroom furniture such as various chests of drawers or an ottoman that provides stylish storage.

Another benefit of Hardwick Light Oak is that it is super easy to keep clean as the surface has a protective lacquer upon it. All it needs is a wipe with a clean soft cloth to keep dust free. We’d suggest using coasters on the coffee table to prevent cup marks and wipe any spillages immediately. If anything does get spilt on your furniture or it gets damaged during the course of a busy life, just get in touch and we will try and advise you on how to get it repaired and suggest trusted craftsmen to do the job.

Here are just some of the lounge pieces from the range. Click on any to take you through to our online shop.


Coffee/Lamp Tables

Console Tables

TV Units

Oak Display Cabinet

The Hardwick Light Oak Display Cabinet is a perfect place to show off your best glassware and china as they will be safely stored behind a glass door keeping your precious collectables safe and free of dust and ready to use at your next dinner party. This is a really stunning piece of furniture that creates a focal point in your home.


Another useful piece to consider for your lounge area are bookshelves, ideal for storing books, your favourite collectables or glassware.

Loxley Rustic Oak

Delivery within 5 to 10 days

Loxley Rustic Oak has as its name suggests a more rustic appeal and is suited to a contemporary theme or a cottage-style property.

Loxley Oak Furniture Range
Loxley Lounge Furniture

Loxley has a handleless style with deep cutouts to use in the place of handles. Handleless furniture has been made popular by the increased interest in handleless kitchens. This type of furniture is ideal if you have boisterous pets or young children as there is nothing to catch themselves on when running around!

The cool chunky appearance of this furniture give it a stylish appeal. It is made from sturdy oak with naturally occurring knots in the wood. This gives each piece its own individual look.  All the furniture in this range is made using traditional joinery methods. This includes dovetail joints rather than glued and drawer sliders are made by carving a channel in the drawer that effortlessly slides to gain easy access. This is the best type of drawer slider as there is nothing to break or wear out as there is with a metal sliding mechanism.

The Loxley range has everything for your lounge including TV Units, Coffee Tables, Lamp tables, Sideboards, Mirrors, Bookcases, Chests of Drawers and Console Tables.

Loxley also has furniture for every room in your home. If you have an open-plan lounge-diner you can use Loxley to flow from one room to the next.

Pictured below is a selection of the Loxley Lounge furniture or see the full Loxley Range here


Tv Units

Coffee Tables


Magnus Industrial Oak

Estimated delivery – 2 to 4 weeks

As its name suggests, the Magnus range has a strong industrial theme thanks to its clean lines with strong metal legs and handles. This range is still crafted from the best quality Oak and is craftsman made to the same high standards as Loxley and Hardwick.

The metal legs and bar handles give the Magnus range a contemporary modern look that will not look out of place in a loft conversion, a new build or even a period property.

Magnus Industrial Oak has all you need to set up your lounge to look stunning but to have a space for everything which helps keep the room neat and tidy. There is a TV unit, a selection of handy sideboards for storage and then all the essentials such as lamp tables, coffee tables and bookcases.

If you are creating a work-from-home space, there is a corner desk plus 3 other straight desks to choose from. Any of these desks can easily be placed in your lounge if you don’t have a dedicated space to use as an office.

The range also includes a full suite of bedroom furniture and dining furniture. See all Magnus Industrial Oak Furniture

Below are just a few of the Magnus Lounge pieces of furniture


Coffee/Lamp Tables

Tv Unit and Bookcases

Dark Wood Furniture
Modern Sheesham

Estimated delivery – 3 to 5 weeks

The Modern Sheesham range is really one on its own, it is made from Indian Sheesham hardwood which is not only a beautiful rich colour and has strength and durability. All furniture in this range is made from solid wood with no chipboard or veneers, which makes it excellent value for money.

modern sheesham

This highly durable furniture is perfect for a busy household and with just a wipe-over with a soft cloth to keep it dust-free, will continue to look as good as the day we delivered it to you.

The range is extensive with furniture for every room in the home. Modern Sheesham also has a few surprising pieces not found in other ranges such as the Combination Display Unit. This 1800mm unit can be used against a wall to display your collectables or placed at 90 degrees to a wall, it becomes a room divider as shown below. This is ideal to define the change from the dining area to the lounge.

Display Units

There are eight Display Units in the range all of which can be used in combination or as a stand-alone piece. Some are also designed to stand atop a sideboard to create a dresser.

Lounge furniture includes TV units, sideboards, display units, coffee tables, console tables, lamp tables and nests of tables. You have so much choice with Modern Sheesham to style your room just how you want it.

Whilst modern Sheesham takes a little longer to be delivered, we do think it is worth the wait. If you want to view Modern Sheesham, we have it on display in our showroom. So, if you are thinking of decorating and treating your home to new furniture, we can order it well in advance of you needing it. Then when your renovations or decorating is done, your furniture will be ready for delivery.


Display Units

TV Units

Coffee Tables

Lamp Tables/small display units

Modern Sheesham is an extensive range of furniture, the images above are just a sample of the selection available. Click here to see the full Sheesham range.

Painted Furniture

We also stock a range of on-trend painted furniture in soft greys and creams with oak tops. This is just a small selection of our painted furniture.

Penelope Grey Painted

Estimated delivery – 3 weeks

Penelope Grey painted is a classically styled range with tapered legs that are painted in a soft grey colour that is currently right on trend for home décor. A natural oak top adorns each piece of furniture which gives a contrast to the grey-painted finish.

Penelope is a smaller range but has all you need for a lounge and a dining area. There are two different TV units to choose from, a console table, a range of sideboards, coffee tables and a stunning glass-fronted display cabinet.

If your room is open plan to your dining area, there is also a choice of three different tables and a fabric-covered chair to choose from.

This oak-topped furniture will look great in any style of home from a new build to a character property.

Here is a selection from the range. See the full Penelope range here

TV Units


Coffee Tables

Display Cabinet

Greystone Painted

Estimated delivery – 3 weeks

Greystone painted is a more chunky oak range of furniture that will suit those looking for a more rustic appearance. It is painted in a very soft muted grey and is topped with a chunky oak top.

The range has all you need for a lounge with a dining table and chairs house you have an open plan area.

Greystone-Grey-Painted Furniture
Sideboard and Display Cabinet

There is a TV unit, coffee tables, lamp tables, console tables, plus a tall slim dresser which is ideal for storage and displaying your favourite collectables.

If you are looking for extra storage in your lounge, why not choose a chest. The Wellington chest has five deep drawers but a small footprint. A taller piece of furniture will draw the eye to it and create a focal point in your room. It will also look lovely with a green leafy plant on the top.


Coffee/Lamp Tables

TV Cabinet & Console Table

Wellington Chest & Display Cabinet


We hope we have given a little inspiration as to how we can help you furnish your lounge with beautiful oak furniture or painted oak furniture. If you visit our showroom, our friendly family team can help you choose just the right furniture for any room of your home. If you are unsure about us accessing your property when delivering, bring photos of the area of concern so we can make an assessment. Also, photos of the room you are looking to furnish from various angles are useful. We can use the photos to make more informed decisions to help you make the right choices for your home.

All our furniture in this article is usually on display in our showroom so you can view it for yourself to see if it is just what you are looking for. We also have many more ranges that we haven’t featured in this article, so you have loads of choices for oak lounge furniture.

Not included in this article but on display in our showroom are two ranges that have a very contemporary appearance, they are not featured here as they aren’t oak! They are the Mason Stone range, an industrial style with grey stone effect tops plus the Mason Gloss range available in Cappuccino and glossy white. To see these ranges, follow the links below.

Mason Stone
Mason Gloss


We personally deliver in the local area using our own trusted team so you can be sure your furniture will arrive in tip-top condition. We will also deliver your new furniture to the room it is required, we don’t doorstep drop and run!

Quicker or slower collection or delivery is available on all our furniture ranges to suit your timescales. If you want more details on any item, just get in touch with the Team at Progressive and we will be happy to help you.

You are of course more than welcome to pick items up from our showroom if you have room in your car. Many customers will take smaller items like lamp tables or bedside tables home in their own car. We will of course help you carry the package out to your car.

Opening Hours

We are open Tuesday to Saturday from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm and are closed Sunday and Monday.

If you are visiting us to look at a specific piece of furniture and want to be sure we have it on display, just give us a call before travelling and we can check what we have in stock for you.

We look forward to welcoming you to our showroom soon.

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