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Edge Sculptures

We stock the complete range of Edge Sculptures by Matt Buckley including all the latest additions to the range. These wonderful sculptures are available to buy online with free & quick delivery. You can also view and buy directly from our showroom in Mansfield.

Making the perfect addition to any room these sculptures range in size from as little as 20cm high through to a majestic 47cm. This makes them an ideal choice as ornaments and as statement pieces in any setting.

Latest Sculptures

New Sculptures for Autumn 2023 are:

The Highland Cow Bust in White compliments the existing and very popular Highland Cow in Red and Black. This new colour is guaranteed to be as popular as its red and black counterparts!

The Giraffe Calf and the Rhinoceros Calf calf new figures to the collection and add to the very popular Babies category of Edge Sculptures.

The new Dragon Egg figures are a new and exciting addition to the range. They are the first Edge Sculptures to come complete with their own illumination. Once the sculpture is illuminated, it beautifully shows off the intricate sculpting and the dramatic colours of these mythical creatures.

Please note, that you must only illuminate your dragon with the lights provided. Please do not use tea lights or any other form of illumination as it will damage your dragon.

They are all to order from our website and are on display in our showroom.

Our Collections

We’ve broken down our edge sculptures into categories to make it easier for you to find that perfect piece. Simply select from one of the categories below.

All Edge SculpturesNew Edge Sculptures, – Apes – Babies – BirdsBorn to be Wild, Cats & Big Cats – Dogs – Horses – Marine – MythicalReptiles, Retired Products, Wildlife.

New sculptures are added to our site as they are developed by Matt Buckley.

Edge Sculptures – How they are made

As many of our clients like to know how and where the sculptures are made, here are the details. Firstly, they are all made in the UK in Shropshire by the designer Matt Buckley and hand finished with the help of his talented team of artists.  They are perfect examples of contemporary sculptures that will become the collectables of the future.


In stage one, Matt researches the subject to create an initial design. Starting with a basic sketch he then moves to design in clay on a turntable relying on his mind’s eye for aesthetic judgement.


The figures are formed in clay on a sturdy frame to ensure the piece will hold the weight of the wet clay. The composition is paramount in order to make a figure that will stand solidly whilst retaining a deliberate rawness to the finish.


The sculpture takes pride in keeping the integrity of the original clay sculpture in every subsequent piece so producing the rubber mould is a critical stage. The clay subject is placed in a sealed case to enclose the piece as closely as possible, and then pre-vacuumed liquid rubber is poured. Once the rubber has hardened, it is carefully cut from the original clay and is now ready for use.


Once the mould is ready for use, a mix of marble resin is carefully poured which is then lowered into a vacuum chamber to remove any unwanted air bubbles. Once cured and hardened, the cast is removed, and the first clean white sample of the piece is ready.

Fettling, sandblasting and levelling

This stage is essential to prepare the piece for painting and finishing. One of the experienced ‘fettlers’ will remove any mould lines and casting residue using various tools and sanding blocks. Any sculptures that are made from several pieces are assembled using steel pins, resin and glue. The piece is then sandblasted to give it a slight key ready for painting.

Painting & finishing

To add the finishing touches, the piece goes to the design studio where colour patterns are developed and chosen hues applied. All pieces are hand finished by the talented team of artists. When finished, this piece becomes the Studio Master. All subsequent prices are compared against the master to ensure the excellent level of consistency and continuity.

Once is finalised the piece becomes a part of the range and is the pride of the sculpture and the development team.

Edge Sculpture Shipping Is Free!

We’ve removed all shipping costs (for mainland U.K) on all of our beautiful Edge Sculptures.

Why Buy From Progressive?

We are a reliable family business with years of experience who pride ourselves in excellent quality standards, value for money, and exceptional delivery service.

As well as being an online retailer we also have our actual showrooms which you can visit. Our friendly sales team are not commission based and we pride ourselves on giving honest and knowledgable advice.

We usually stock the full range of Edge Sculptures and you can view them at our Mansfield showrooms. The bonus of seeing them in the showroom is that we can move a piece around onto different furniture so you can get a good idea of what it will look like in your home.

Buying Advice for Edge Sculptures

If you visit our Mansfield showroom, our friendly team can help you choose the best sculpture for your home. Your choice of edge sculpture will not only depend upon your interests, e.g. cats, dogs, birds or mythical sculptures but also what space you have available in what room of your house. A sculpture should also fit in with the theme of your room so the piece doesn’t ‘jar’ or look out of place in your home.

For further advice on choosing an Edge Sculpture for your home, see our Blog article for some advice from our team. If you are buying online and have any questions about a sculpture, please do not hesitate to either call us or drop us a line and we’ll be more then happy to help.

Online Payment for Edge Sculptures

You can buy any of our products from our website knowing your transaction is secure and we will never share your data with anyone.