Baby Oh! Orangutan – Edge Sculpture – EDJC01


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Width: 181  x Depth: 145 x Height:186 (mm)

Edge Sculptures are designed by sculptor Matt Buckley at his studios in Shropshire and are a striking collection of contemporary sculpture. The resident team of talented artists hand finish each design to create statement pieces for any home or business. For more information on this Baby Oh! Orangutan sculpture, please see details below. All Edge Sculptures, including the Baby Oh! Orangutan, are also available to view and buy from our Showroom in Mansfield.


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Baby Oh! Orangutan Edge Sculpture

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The Baby Oh! Orangutan Edge Sculpture is part of the Wildlife and Apes collection in the Edge Sculpture range. Designed and craftsman made in England by talented Sculptor Matt Buckley, this cheeky baby Orangutan is thoughtfully sculpted with an emphasis on aesthetic design moulded with the mind’s eye. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and has a unique feel with a dramatic mix of form, colour, light and texture.

20% of proceeds go to the Jim Cronin fund which helps protect Orangutans so that future generations will get to see these wonderful great apes.

Orangutans are the largest tree-dwelling animals on Earth. They climb up to the canopy to feed, eating ripe fruit, young leaves and the occasional termite or vine. Orangutans are semi-solitary in the wild (unlike other higher primates). A baby orangutan will be carried around by its mother for the first five years and until another baby orangutan is born, mothers sleep in a nest with their offspring every night. For the first eight years of a young orangutans life, its mother is its constant companion and protector. 

The Baby Oh! Orangutan Edge Sculpture is a beautiful representation of the young from these amazing primates and is a perfect addition to any wildlife sculpture collection. There is also a second Baby Orangutan sculpture and an adult Orangutan to add to your Ape collection. Each orangutan sculpture looks stunning by itself or for a greater impact, why not group all three together as shown here.

How The Baby Oh! Orangutan Edge Sculpture is made

The original Baby Oh! Orangutan Edge Sculpture is moulded and given life from clay that is then expertly encapsulated in rubber to produce the parent mould.

It is then cast from a durable composite granite and are vacuum sealed with a bleed as to remove compromising air bubbles from the structure. The curative period is then initiated and sustained until the structure is aptly hardened.

The orangutan is then meticulously examined and fettled as to outline the depth of detail and heighten the sculptures natural form. For finishing it is then passionately coloured, shaded and detailed by our expert artists to carefully represent the baby orangutan; completing the creation of a masterpiece.

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