Bull Terrier – ‘Tri Colour’ – Edge Sculpture – ED23T


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Product dimensions
Width: 330  x Depth: 490 x Height: 490 (mm)

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Antiques and collectables of the future thoughtfully sculpted with an emphasis on aesthetic design moulded with the minds eye. The original piece is moulded and given life from clay that is then expertly encapsulated in rubber to produce the parent mould.

The pieces are then cast from a durable composite granite and are vacuum sealed with a bleed as to remove compromising air bubbles from the structure. The curative period is then initiated and sustained until the structure is aptly hardened.

The piece is then meticulously examined and fettled as to outline the depth of detail and heighten the sculptures natural form. For finishing it is then passionately coloured, shaded and detailed by our expert artists; completing the creation of a masterpiece.

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