Squirrel – Grey – Edge Sculpture – ED18G


Product dimensions
Width: 150 x Depth: 330  x Height: 310 (mm)

Edge Sculptures are designed and produced by sculptor Matt Buckley at his studios in Shropshire. They are a varied range of subjects and are the collectables of the future. A team of talented artists hand finishes each item individually to create statement pieces for any home or business. For more information on this Grey Squirrel sculpture, please see the details below. All Edge Sculptures, including the Grey Squirrel, are also available to view and buy from our Showrooms in Mansfield.


Grey Squirrel Edge Sculpture

The playful and acrobatic Grey Squirrel although not originally native to the UK, is a common feature in gardens and parks. They can very often be found stealing your bird food, even from squirrel proof feeders!

The Grey Squirrel Edge sculpture perfectly captures the essence of this beautiful creature in perfect detail right down to colourings and markings on its face and tail that are unique to this species. It is shown holding its favourite food of nuts which they are fond of burying to save up a store for winter food.

The Grey Squirrel Edge sculpture measures:

150mm Wide
330mm Deep
310mm High

It will look perfect on its own atop a table, sideboard or mantle shelf and will also make a statement grouped with other woodland Edge Sculptures such as the Red Squirrel, the wily Fox or the exceptionally cute Hedgehog.


How the Squirrel Edge Sculpture is made

The original piece is moulded and given life from clay that is then expertly encapsulated in rubber to produce the parent mould. The pieces are then cast from a durable composite granite and are vacuum sealed with a bleed as to remove compromising air bubbles from the structure. The curative period is then initiated and sustained until the structure is aptly hardened.
The piece is then meticulously examined and fettled as to outline the depth of detail and heighten the sculptures natural form. For finishing it is then passionately coloured, shaded and detailed by our expert artists; completing the creation of a masterpiece.

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