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Progressive Pocket Pillow


Pocket Spring Unit
This uniquely designed pillow uses the same pocket spring technology found in our luxury mattresses, providing ultimate comfort and support. This design also ensures the Pocket Pillow always recovers to its original state, eliminating the need to re-adjust the pillow.

Breathable Cotton Cover
Cotton is a soft, cool, and highly breathable material that dissipates moisture ensuring a fresher sleeping surface for a more restful night’s sleep.

Air Vents
Crafted in-built airflow vents located on each side of the pillow help regulate body temperature by allowing air to move freely through the pillow, keeping you comfortable and cool.

Ultimate Luxury
Made with the same unique material found in our luxury mattresses, our pillows provide ultimate comfort and support all night long.

Standard and King Sizes Available
A traditionally shaped pillow that perfectly matches our Progressive mattress range. (Standard: 60 x 40cm, King: 80 x 50cm)

Estimated Delivery: 2-4 Weeks.
Quicker or Slower Collection/ Delivery Available, Please Contact Us.

Product dimensions :

Standard: Width: 600 x Depth: 400 x Height: 250(mm)

King: Width: 800 x Depth: 500 x Height: 250(mm)


Our Progressive Pocket Pillow has been carefully engineered boasting a uniquely innovative pocket spring unit located inside the pillow. Coupled with our carefully selected microfibre fillings, this pillow offers the ultimate support for your head, neck and shoulders. Its breathable cotton cover and in-built airflow vents regulate temperature by allowing air to move freely through the pillow, helping you stay comfortable and cool all night long. Available in Standard and King Sizes.

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