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Sofa buying guide

Buying a new sofa for your home is a big investment and you want to get it right, choose a design you love, a fabric of your choice in a size combo that fits your home and family life perfectly. Here are our top tips of choosing a sofa and chairs for your home.


The most important factor in choosing a new sofa is SPACE! Not only space where your new sofa will rest in your lounge but the access space through your house. If you have a narrow hallway or a tricky corner to navigate, you consider this when choosing your sofa. You really don’t need a Ross from friends PIVOT situation!

Our sofa pages all contain the exact dimensions of each piece, see the ones for the Chessington sofa below, the width and depth are shown on the picture here. 

The best way to ensure you have space for your ideal sofa is to make a paper or cardboard template to the exact size of your proposed new sofa. You can then lay this template out on your floor to ensure the sofa will fit. Remember to take the height into consideration. Also, look at doors in your room, you don’t want to block a doorway with your new sofa as shown below.

Most of our leather sofas have removable backs making it easier to manoeuvre them into your home. If you are unsure about access, take a photo of the area you are unsure about along with its measurements and get in touch with us to discuss or call into the showroom where you can see the sofa you are interested in and we can advise on delivery.

Don’t be tempted to think the only place for a sofa is on a wall, creating a space behind your sofa can make the room look wider and create the illusion of space. In smaller lounges, the wall may be the best position for your sofa.

A sofa can also be used to create a divider between a dining area and the lounge. Placing a console table behind the sofa can provide a space for a lamp, a vase of flowers or to display your favourite collectables.

Two seaters, three or chairs?

Your room dimensions will dictate what combination of seating you have space for. You also need to consider what room the seating is for; it won’t always be a lounge. You may want a seating space in a bedroom, in which case a tub chair or a wing back chair would be ideal. For a conservatory, a two-seater sofa may be perfect or if you have a large open plan room, go big with a large three-seater such as the Lusia in tan leather or the sumptuous velvet Venetian range as shown below. How many members of the family are there and how much space do you like to have to stretch out and relax, also consider that some members of the family will like to have their own chair.

Our sofa ranges include a selection of sizes including two and three-seaters plus chairs, tub seats and footstools. A smaller tub chair or even a stool is ideal as occasional seating to be put into use when you have guests.


Once you are confident about what space you have available, you can have fun selecting a design.  The main design features to consider are:

The covering – choose from leather or a fabric sofa. Our leather sofas are all made from a very high-grade thick semi-aniline leather, the very best type of leather for furniture and our fabric ranges use the very best upholstery fabrics in a huge range of textures and colours.

Reclining or Fixed – A recliner can offer the ultimate in comfort, at the touch of a button, a footrest slides upwards and the back will recline to a comfortable angle. It has even been proved that recliners relieve stress and improve circulation as your legs are elevated. Your back stays supported so no backache. If you love an afternoon nap, there is no finer way to rest. Another advantage of our recliners is that they are modular, so delivery or moving home is much easier as each piece comes as a separate unit that securely bolts back together.

However, if you prefer to sit upright to read or watch TV, then a fixed back is probably the best for you. You can still elevate your feet when required by keeping a matching or contrasting footstool close by.

The arm design –  select from a wide cushioned arm such as the Richmond of Highgrove or you may prefer a classic scroll arm such as the Madrid or a slim arm to give more seating space such as the Venetian.

The back – there is a wide range of styles from cushion backs, buttoned backs of the traditional chesterfield or the padded and reclining backs of the leather sofas.

Seat Height – you may not think this is an important factor, but some people struggle to get up from a low to the ground sofa in which case go for one of our higher cushion base models such as the Madrid.

Feet – an important design feature and a practical choice, if you need to move the sofa on a regular basis for access, choose a caster that moves easily. We also have wooden feet finished in various colours plus chrome and metal.

Cushions – choose from pocket sprung which is a feature of our leather sofas or softer foam-filled cushions. It really depends on how soft you like your seating. Pocket spring seating tends to hold its shape and support over time, making it the choice for those who prioritize longevity in their sofas.

Pocket sprung cushion base

When you visit our showroom, with the help of our friendly and knowledgeable team, you can choose your favourite style then select the fabric from a huge range, choose the main sofa colour and contrasting cushions for a truly bespoke look for your new sofa.


We deliver your new sofa or chairs directly to the room they will be permanently housed in and put together any parts that require assembly such as sofa backs.

Leather sofas can be delivered within 7 days, so no waiting months for your new sofa.


To keep your leather sofa clean, just dust it over with a soft cloth. If you do get any spills, wipe them up as soon as possible and don’t use harsh chemicals as this can damage your leather. Vacuum any crumbs with a soft brush attachment. Do take care when sitting on your leather sofa wearing jeans as some do have metal studs in pockets which can damage your leather. We do sell leather care kits to keep your sofa in tip-top condition.

To keep your fabric sofa clean, just vacuum any crumbs or brush away. If your pets like a comfy seat on your furniture, place a throw where they like to sit to protect the fabric of your sofa. If you get any stains on the sofa and are unsure how to clean it, just give us a call for advice.

One last thought, we’d advise the best way to choose a sofa is to visit our showroom and try them out. We can then advise you on the best sofa solution for your family life.

Here are just a few of our favourite leather sofas:

Fabric Sofas

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