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Leather & fabric sofa ranges

Find your perfect sofa at Progressive Furnishings of Mansfield. We have two ways you can choose and buy your sofas, online at this website, scroll down to see our ranges, or visit us in our large showroom to test out your potential new sofa.  

We have a fantastic range of sofas and chairs in luxury fabrics and sumptuous leathers. We have chairs, two seaters, three seaters and large corner sofas, and can help you find the sofa that is perfect for your home.  

Fabric Sofas

Our fabric sofas come in a range of styles, a couple of our favourites are the traditional Abbie that provides a touch of luxury and the Madrid Suite is traditionally built  in a more contemporary design and is made to order in the UK. All of our fabric sofas are are available a huge range of coverings ranging from tartans to shimmers.

Leather Sofas

Our range of leather sofas are all manufactured from a very high grade thick semi aniline leather, the very best type of leather for furniture. Most of our sofas and chairs are available as electric recliners, giving you even more comfort when you are looking to relax at home. Two of our favourite ranges are the Lusia available in Tan brown which also has a twin motor which means that the top can be folded away into a low back position and the foot rest to be controlled separately and the reclining Richmond in mocha. 

In our showroom we have a vast collection of sofas and chairs on display so you can try them all out and find the best sofa for your home with the help of one of our friendly and knowledgeable team from Progressive.


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richmond sofa range



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