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Ultimate in style and comfort

Here at Progressive Furnishings, we are very proud of our leather sofa collection and have a variety of styles all with electric reclining for the ultimate in style and comfort. Our Leather Sofas can be delivered to Mansfield & Nationwide

A leather sofa is a statement piece of furniture that will look good and offer the ultimate comfort and relaxation. It should also last and continue to look great for many years with minimal care.

One of the most important factors about our leather sofa ranges is that they can usually be delivered to your home within just seven days! Yes, seven days only to deliver your new leather sofa directly to your lounge.

In our showroom, we have a vast collection of leather sofas and leather chairs on display, so pay us a visit so you can try them all out and find the best sofa for your home with the help of one of our friendly and knowledgeable team from Progressive Furnishings.

Leather Sofas – useful information

Leather Types

There are many different types of leather to choose from for seating from the very best semi-aniline leather to cheaper imitation leathers. Semi-aniline leather is the very best for leather sofas and all our sofas and chairs are made from the highest quality semi-aniline leather. This is the very best quality upholstery leather that will look good and last. Our leather sofa range includes dark chocolate brown, mid-brown, tan, black, various shades of grey and soft cream.

To learn more about leather types, see our Progressive Furnishings Leather Guide.

Choosing your leather sofa

There is much to consider before buying your reclining leather sofas such as your budget, available space, your chosen style and even access points to the room the sofa will be positioned in. Here at Progressive, we can help you with all these factors to ensure your chosen leather sofas will fit perfectly into your home and lifestyle.

Here we share some of our top tips for choosing a leather sofa.

Lusia two seater

Why choose leather for your sofa


Leather has a look of luxury and will make a statement piece in any home. Whether you opt for just a leather reclining chair in a reading corner, a small two-seater, a combination of chairs, two and three-seaters or even a larger corner suite, your leather sofa will be a focal point in your room. You and any guests will sit in comfort and relax in style.


Leather is one of the most durable materials around for seating. Our sofas are made from semi-aniline leather which is the very best quality for upholstery. A leather sofa is an investment and over time will be great value for money as with the right care they can last for many years.

Leather has an inbuilt resistance to water and therefore any spills can be easily wiped clean and will not leave a stain. This is ideal if you have small children creating spillages or pets with muddy paw prints!


Leather is probably the best choice if you suffer from allergies as it is not permeable and therefore dust mites and other allergens cannot survive on it. Pet fur and hairs can also be easily removed by wiping with a slightly damp cloth.


People tend to think that leather is cold to sit upon, but its soft to the touch feel very quickly adjusts to your body temperature. As leather naturally wears it becomes even more inviting to sit upon.


Unlike fabric, if leather does get damaged, it can be repaired by an expert in leather furniture. If you ever have an accident with your leather sofa, give us a call and we have trusted craftsmen we can recommend.

Pet hairs wipe clean away

Benefits of Reclining Sofas


Our recliners are sectional, each seat comes apart from the next, which makes it very easy to deliver especially through tight doorways. This also comes in handy if you decide to move house. Another benefit of a sectional sofa is that the person sitting next to you doesn’t disturb you.


Your reclining sofa offers the ultimate in comfort as you can adjust the footrest and back to get just the right position to relax. Some of our sofas, such as the Luisa have two reclining motors so the back and footrest can be moved independently.

Our leather sofas have pocket sprung cushions that offer great support and comfort. They will also not flatten over time unlike foam or fibre-filled cushions. You will never need to plump the cushions as they spring back into life once you alight the sofa.

Health Benefits

Reclining can give your lower body some relief by elevating your feet above your heart level, which will allow gravity to improve circulation naturally. Raising your feet will encourage blood flow and ease tired and aching legs.

A reclined position can place your body in a state of complete relaxation which will relieve stress and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.


As the cushions are pocket sprung and the backrest has spring back cushions, you are well supported whether you sit upright or recline.

Your Sofa

Once you have your new leather sofas in your home, you can then have fun choosing cosy throws or decorative cushions to dress your sofa. The only advice we offer is to choose well stuffed heavier cushions, so they stay in place and don’t slide around on your sofa!

Choosing your sofa

The first and most obvious criteria for choosing a sofa is how many people you need to seat daily and how much space have you in the room. Depending on the shape of your room, you may find a corner suite provides more seating for less space or try two two-seater sofas opposite each other.

If you want to be sure that your chosen sofa will fit with space to walk around it and enter and leave the room, try making a paper template of the dimensions of your proposed sofa. Move the template around to find the best spot for your seating. Remember to take into consideration, door openings, access to any cupboards in the room and space for coffee tables.

Some sofas need a little space at the back to allow for reclining, if space is at a premium, ask us about our sofas with “wall hugger” technology. This means they need little to no room at the back for reclining and can save space.

As a recliner extends forwards, a coffee table in front of the sofa may not be the best idea, try a nest of tables and place them at the side of where you are sitting. When not needed, they can be simply stacked away ready for the next time they are needed.

Help is at hand

The team at Progressive are experts in advising you on the best sofa to choose for your needs. Bring along a rough sketch of your room with dimensions and maybe some photos of the room on your phone. We can then see what you are trying to achieve and will be able to advise you on the best choice of sofas for your home.


If you are travel distance from our showroom, it is worth paying us a visit as every sofa and chair shown on our website is on display in our large showroom. You can take a seat, try the recliners and see just which sofa you find the comfiest that will fit into your home.


Most of our leather sofas can all be delivered within 7 days, so no waiting for months for your new suite. However, if you are moving house or are decorating your property and don’t need your sofa immediately, then a quicker or slower collection or delivery is available to suit your timescales.

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