Strong Beds for Residential Homes

In challenging environments such as a residential home for either the elderly or younger people in residential care, furniture especially bedroom furniture needs to be strong and robust.

Our strong beds which are wooden framed beds are craftsmen made from solid wood and can stand up to everyday challenges presented in a residential home. The frame and the slats are crafted from high-quality oak making them strong and durable.

They are ideal in situations where a non-medical bed is required to furnish a private room in a care home, residential home, or assisted living facility.

Our oak beds are built to last so you will not be replacing them any time soon. The oak will retain its good looks and remain sturdy for the lifetime of the bed. It will provide a comfortable and pleasant space for the residents of the home making them feel safe and able to get a great nights sleep.

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Single Bedroom

A wooden frame bed is hygienic and easy to keep clean only needing a light dusting with a soft cloth, unlike fabric divan beds which may hold dust and other particles that require specialist cleaning or rigorous vacuuming.

Buying cheaper beds can be a false economy when they may need replacing after a short time or easily break risking residents injuring themselves.

Most of our beds are available in three sizes, single which is the most popular choice for single rooms and then double and king size which are ideal if two people are sharing a room, e.g. a couple in an assisted living home.

All our furniture ranges also have matching bedroom pieces such as bedsides, wardrobes, and chests of drawers. All our furniture is made to the same exacting standards as the beds and will easily stand up to the busy life in any kind of residential home. Being made from solid wood, if a chest or beside is leaned upon for balance, it won’t tip up or break.

Here are just a few of our favourite ranges ideal for residential care homes.

Hardwick Light oak

The Hardwick Light Oak range is craftsman made furniture built with sturdy light American Oak. It is designed with traditional 18th-century styling with a nod to the on-trend simplicity of the shaker style. This furniture has a clean-lined design with no sharp edges or corners. The lacquered finish protects the oak and makes it easy to keep clean and look like new.


Hardwick Light Oak Beds are solidly built and are not flat packed furniture making them stronger and of better quality. They will be delivered right to the location by our fully trained staff, leaving you with no hassle.

The high-backed headboard is a perfect spot for residents to relax and be comfortable in bed whilst sitting up. The slats on which a mattress of choice will sit are solid and are screwed to the base individually making the bed strong and durable.

The slim tapered legs of the bed design add a touch of elegance to the styling and are perfect to create a relaxing home comforts environment for your guests.

None of our Hardwick Beds has a central support under the bed as the frame is so strong and made from solid oak. The advantage of this is that the space under the best is perfect for additional storage.

Hardwick Light Oak Beds are available in four sizes as shown below, single, double, king and super king.

Hardwick Light Oak Bedsides

There are two choices of bedside cabinets as follows:

3 Drawer Bedside

The sturdy 3 drawer cabinet has a footprint of 520mm by 405mm. This chest has three sturdy drawers ideal for the storage of personal belongings. The drawers are made with dovetail joints and the bases are also solid wood, they will not bow or buckle over time no matter how much is stored within them.

The top of the bedside is ideal for a lamp or glass of water or placing a cup of tea or coffee whilst relaxing in bed.

3 Drawer small Bedside

If space is at a premium in any of your rooms but you still want to provide a bedside cabinet, then the small cabinet has a footprint of just 350mm by 360mm. It still has three drawers as is made to the same quality as the larger bedside.

The top of this bedside although smaller still has room for a lamp and cup or glass.

Hardwick Oak Wardrobes

Storage is key to keeping rooms tidy and being a residential home, this is just as important to have a space for people to keep their clothes and belongings. We have two Hardwick wardrobes, the most popular for single room occupancy for residential care being the single. There is also a large triple available but space would probably limit the use of this wardrobe, so we feature the single wardrobe.

Hardwick Light Oak Single Wardrobe

This compact wardrobe has a footprint of 1100mm wide and 600mm deep. Inside the wardrobe is a full height hanging area so ideal for dressing gowns, dresses, shirts or coats.  The deep drawers in the base is ideal for bulky sweaters and sweatshirts, shoes or anything that needs to be stored away. The drawer bases are solid oak with wooden drawer runners so they will not buckle under any amount of weight or become difficult to open.


Hardwick Light Oak Chests

A chest of drawers is the ideal piece of furniture for storing clothes, books or toiletries. There are many different sizes available in the Hardwick range from a tall 6 drawer chest to a large 3 drawers over 4. All of the chests are the same craftsman quality with dovetail joint drawers that will last and last without bowing or buckling. They will remain easy to open no matter how much weight is in them.

Hardwick Light Oak is on display in our showroom so you can visit and see the workmanship and quality of the furniture for yourself. We can usually deliver furniture within 5 to 10 days if purchased from the website.

The Hardwick Light Oak range is extensive with furniture for bedrooms, lounge, hallway and dining room. Click here to see the full Hardwick range.

Loxley Rustic Oak

Loxley Rustic Oak is built with thick oak timbers that feature naturally occurring rustic knots giving each piece of furniture an individual look. Loxley, although a traditional oak range has a modern twist with its on-trend designs and comprehensive range of furniture ideal for any room in a residential facility.

The strength of Loxley Rustic Oak makes all the furniture very robust and perfect for any challenging environment. All furniture arrives fully built and can be delivered directly to the room it is required in.

Loxley Rustic Oak furniture is a handleless design with drawers and cupboards being opened by placing the fingers into a smooth recess. The benefit of a handleless design in the care industry is that there are no handles for residents to catch themselves on or bump into and no handles to become loose over time. It is the perfect low maintenance design.


the Loxley range features three-bed sizes, a single, a double and a king-size. The single is the most popular choice for residential homes followed by the double. All beds are made from the same strong and high-quality oak making them perfect for the busy care environment.

The space under the bed is ideal for extra storage such as boxes or storage bags.

Bedside Tables

The Loxley Rustic Oak bedside is a neat little chest with tree drawers ideal for storage.

This handleless bedside table has dovetail joint drawers making them strong and resilient.


The Loxley Rustic Oak Single wardrobe is the perfect piece of furniture for your residents to neatly store away their clothes and belongings. The full height hanging space is ideal for clothes and the drawer under is useful for bulky items such as jumpers for sweatshirts.

With a place for everything, the room will be tidier and a neat and tidy room is nicer for the guests and easier for cleaning staff.


The Loxley Rustic Oak range has four different sizes of chests of drawers as shown below. The chests are made to the same high standards as other Loxley furniture and are built from strong oak.

Other Bedroom Ranges

A few other of our great bedroom ranges include:

Magnus Industrial Oak

Talbot Chunky Oak

Kinsley Painted Cobblestone

Ivan Stone

Here are just a few of our best selling pieces from these ranges.

Kinsley White Painted

White always looks clean and hygienic in any setting. Our range of white painted furniture is clean and bright but with its country styling does not look sterile or anything like hospital furniture.

It is made from high-quality timber sourced from sustainable forests. It is craftsman made and is strong and durable just like our oak ranges. This white painted furniture can create a peaceful sanctuary in any residential home bedroom making the residents feel right at home.

The Kinsley range has all the bedroom furniture required to furnish a room beautifully, pieces include, beds, bedsides, chests, wardrobes and dressing tables. Here are just a few items from the range.


Quicker or slower collection or delivery is available to suit your timescales. If you want more details on any piece of furniture, just get in touch with the Team at Progressive and we will be happy to help you.

Most of our furniture is on display in our showroom so you can call in and see the quality of our furniture. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff will always be on hand to help you with any questions.

Our showroom has loads of free parking right outside our doors. Our website has a great selection of products available to purchase at the click of a button. If you can’t find what you are looking for or if you like an item, but you need something changing i.e. colour, size or style, just give us a call or send us an e-mail with your request and we will try our best to meet your requirements.

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