Highland Cow – Black


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Width: 525 x Depth: 295 x Height: 470 (mm)

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NEW- Edge Sculpture Highland Cow Black (PFEDB30B )
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The Edge Sculpture Highland Cow Black is another new addition to the Edge Sculpture range for Spring 2023. This new sculpture is a striking and realistic representation of the iconic Scottish Highland cattle breed but with the lesser-known black coat. The red Highland Cow was launched last year to great success and if space allows, the two sculptures would make an impressive display together.

New to the Highland Cow collection for Autumn 023, is the White Highland Cow.

Black Highland cattle, also known as Scottish Highland cattle, are a hardy breed of cattle that originated in the Scottish Highlands. They are easily recognizable by their long, shaggy black coats and impressive curved horns, which can span up to 6 feet across.

This stunning sculpture captures the breed’s essence, with its shaggy black coat, impressive curved horns, and gentle expression. The Black Highland Cow Edge Sculpture is a large and impressive piece of art that would make a perfect addition to any interior, bringing a touch of ruggedness and elegance. This sculpture is highly durable and easy to maintain, making it a valuable investment for anyone who appreciates the beauty and character of these remarkable animals.

Approx Size:

Height – 470mm – 18.5 inches
Width – 525mm – 20.6 inches
Depth – 295mm – 11.6 inches

How this sculpture is made

The original piece is moulded and given life from clay that is then expertly encapsulated in rubber to produce the parent mould.

Each piece is sculpted in clay, which allows the creation of pieces that deliver both a dynamic and organic feel.  The team at Edge then developed both the cases and moulds which ensure the faithful reproduction of the original clay sculpture in a special blend of marble stone castings.

The finishing touch is the skilful application of hand-painting with the end result being a statement piece and talking point for anyone’s home or business!



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Dimensions 107 × 135 × 210 mm
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